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Maintaining Success


Maintenance will allow you to focus on the running of your business, while trusting Volvo to expertly maintain your machines on your behalf. We plan the maintenance program around your operations – putting site efficiency first and ensuring that productivity is impacted as little as possible. Together with you, we’ll agree Maintenance prices by machine hours, by calendar quarter, for the term of the agreement – whatever method best suits your cashflow.

Scheduled your way

The Maintenance schedule is tailor-made for your machine, to suit the environment and application it is working in. It ensures that at the most convenient time, with minimal disruption to your production, Volvo trained service technicians – equipped with the right parts – will arrive on site to do what needs to be done as efficiently as possible.

Totally Volvo

Of course, only Genuine Volvo Parts, lubricants and coolants will be used, and any software updates installed. Everything will be documented, too; providing a clear maintenance history to reassure future owners, and help you receive the highest residual value on your machine. Maintenance schedule is key: we will work with you to arrange the level of support you require from Volvo. So if you just need us to supply parts for minor maintenance work, so that your own technicians can do this work, that’s not a problem. Talk to your dealer about the right level of service to suit your needs.

Added extra

Volvo understands that everyone’s needs are different, and offer a wide range of services that you can add to your Maintenance schedule. In the dialogue with your dealer you can come to an agreement of a range of services, including:

  • Waste disposal for oil and filters
  • Machine cleaning
  • Safety inspection
  • Maintenance of attachments
  • Wear part replacement
  • Air conditioning servicing
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