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Volvo Services Productivity Report

Productivity Report

Data made easy, driving increased productivity

Productivity Report

Monitor the productivity of your fleet with Productivity Report, designed to give you a clearer insight into how your operation is performing. The report tracks the volume of material handled, making it easy to measure your production and take the necessary steps to lower your cost per tonne.

Why choose Productivity Report

Knowledge is power

The report highlights how many tonnes you have moved, helping to measure the productivity of your fleet. This knowledge gives you the key to gain control over operating costs, and be more informed when tendering for contracts.

Turn insight into action

Save time and money with a ready-made productivity analysis, presented in an easy-to-understand format. The report gives you a powerful insight into your fleet productivity, helping you identify areas for improvement and take efficiency improving actions in your operation.

Hit your targets

Working with your dealer, you set the structure of the report according to your organization’s framework and focus areas. Choose whether the report gives you information per machine, per site or per application to ensure you’re getting the information you need to stay on track and hit your targets.

How it works
  • Machine data points are captured via CareTrack®.
  • The Volvo system uses pre-defined algorithms to automatically compile the information into an easy-to-read pdf report, sent direct to your inbox on a regular basis. Data is also available in excel and csv format should you wish to perform further analysis.

What is analyzed

By combining both productivity and fuel consumption data, the report makes it easy to measure the efficiency of your fleet.

  • Total tonnes handled, per hour, per liter or per cycle
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Total hours
  • Percentage of utilization
  • Excessive idle time
  • Fuel cost per tonne
  • Cycle time and distance, number of cycles
  • Payload utilization

Available on Volvo articulated haulers and wheel loaders equipped with On-Board Weighing.

More to offer

Insight reports

Telematics data can be a powerful way to improve the efficiency and uptime of your fleet, but data overload can stand in the way of getting to the information that really matters. That’s where Productivity Report comes in, part of our suite of Insight Reports. Our dynamic system compiles data into a portfolio of easy-to-use, ready-made reports which help you make informed decisions and take smart actions. Want to find out more? Check out the full portfolio, including dedicated reports on machine health and fuel efficiency. 

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The complete package

You’re clear on the benefits, but want some further guidance on putting ideas into practice? Your Volvo dealer is on hand to help you put a plan in place to achieve long term productivity improvements.

Improve your business

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