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Volvo Rotating Pipelayer Kit

Rotating pipelayer kit

Two machines in one

Rotating Pipelayer Kit

Get the highest possible utilization from your excavator with the rotating pipelaying kit. It’s never been easier to switch from excavator to pipelayer – and back again.

The most compact solution

Unlike a standard side boom pipelayer this Volvo-patented solution with rotating superstructure has no side boom, so it can work in tight areas without positioning issues, especially useful in urban areas. Offering even more versatility is the reduced radius ECR145 pipelayer – facilitating work in busy streets while leaving one lane open for traffic.

Speedy switch

Turn your conventional excavator into a pipelayer in approximately an hour.

Easy transportation

Just load and go – no crane or extra people required.

Lift capacity

Safely handle pipes up to 508 mm (20 in), with a rated load of 3.3 t (7,300 lb).

Safer load management

Volvo’s unique Load Moment Indicator ensures safe operation up to a 10° slope. The system gives you real-time operator assistance – with alarms, lights & exterior warnings lamps, including the standard anti two-block system.

Best-in-class for comfort

Operator comfort lies at the heart of Volvo CE designs and this solution is no exception. The operator always faces the load ahead, helping reduce fatigue. With a closed, quiet and climate-controlled cab, safety and comfort are enhanced.

Operator friendly

One of the many advantages of having an excavator-based pipelayer is that it’s more familiar to most operators than a side boom pipelayer. This makes recruitment and training easier and less expensive.

Lower maintenance costs

With almost all components in common with a standard 14-tonne (30,864 lb) excavator, the excavator based pipelayer makes it easier to find parts and lowers maintenance costs.


The rotating pipelayer kit is mounted on the excavator’s boom. It consists of the pipelayer boom and all supporting components.

Machine configuration

The minimum machine configuration for using the rotating pipelayer kit is as follows:

  • EC140EL or ECR145E base machine
  • 600 mm (23.6 in) triple grouser shoe or 700 mm/800 mm/900 mm (27.6 in/35.4 in/35.4 in) shoes
  • General Purpose boom, 4.6 m (15’1’’) normal-bushing
  • 1 pump double acting piping or 2 pump double acting piping
  • Hose rupture protection on boom cylinders
  • 2,450kg (5,401 lb) counterweight (EC140EL) / 3,200kg (7,055 lb) counterweight (ECR145E)
  • Oil drain line base machine
  • FOG cabin mounted

Volvo Excavator Pipelayer Attachment

The Volvo excavator pipelayer attachment converts EC140-ECR145E excavators into dedicated rotating pipelayers, a good replacement for sidebooms in many applications.

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