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Volvo Construction Equipment launches new hydraulic oil increasing crawler excavator service intervals by 50 %

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched the latest addition to its hydraulic oil line up: Volvo Hydraulic Oil 98611 HO103. The new oil is approved and compatible with all Volvo machines across all markets and in crawler excavators extends the drain interval from 2,000 hours to 3,000 hours.

HO103 is a mineral-based hydraulic oil that is fully compatible with all mineral hydraulic oils currently recommended by Volvo Construction Equipment and system flushing is not required. (HO103 is not compatible with Volvo Hydraulic Oil 98610 Biodegradable).

Extensively tested, with over 10,000 hours of testing in Volvo machines, HO103 is proven to optimize fuel efficiency and machine performance. Donald McCarthy, Oil and Lubricant Engineer at Volvo Construction Equipment explained: “Volvo designed and built the machine, so we understand better than anyone what is required to keep it in top condition and operating at its best. HO103 provides the ultimate in uptime and component protection and guarantees your machine will be performing to its full potential.”

McCarthy continued, “Delivering consistent performance, HO103 is engineered to resist degradation, and will retain like-new properties over the full-service interval. It reduces friction and wear, keeps components clean by preventing the buildup of sludge, it prolongs component life and contributes to lower fuel consumption.”

For crawler excavators, HO103 provides a 50% longer oil service interval, saving customers both time and money, along with a number of positive environmental benefits. Once introduced, both old and new crawler excavators can benefit from a 3,000-hour interval with HO103. As a practical example, if a customer operating an EC300E was to use HO103, over the course of 6,000 hours they will have removed an entire hydraulic service interval and reduced oil consumption by 207L.

Volvo Hydraulic Oil 98611 HO103 is available in a wide variety of viscosities. Viscosity grades differ per market but include ISO VG32, ISO VG46 and ISO VG68. Customers should speak to their local Volvo dealer to find out more.


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