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Volvo Construction Equipment extends engine service intervals to 1,000 hours

Advancements in Volvo CE lubricant technology, coupled with new high-performance engine oil and fuel filters, cut engine service intervals and costs by up to 50%.

Volvo Construction Equipment is releasing a new generation of fuel filters that extend service intervals to 1,000 hours across a wide range of machines. This introduction means Volvo can now offer customers a complete 1,000-hour engine service package.

Niclas Wahlström, Head of Uptime and Parts at Volvo Construction Equipment explains: “We understand that increasing uptime and reducing maintenance costs are vital objectives for our customers. That is why our design and engineering teams dedicate many hours to develop high quality machines and components for a long-lasting performance.”
Niclas Wahlström continues: “Part of this commitment is the introduction of Volvo High Performance Fuel Filters, meaning we can now offer our customers a complete 1,000-hour engine service package. The result is reduced maintenance requirements and less maintenance costs, meaning customers’ machines stay out on the job site and working their best.”

The longer intervals will save customers up to 50% on maintenance costs and have a positive environmental impact without compromising on component performance or longevity. The 1000-hour package consists of Volvo Engine Oil VDS-4.5, in conjunction with Volvo High-Performance engine oil and fuel filters.

Niclas Wahlström concludes, "The 1,000-hour engine service interval is yet another reason why we believe Volvo is the number one brand when it comes to uptime and TCO."

While older machines can benefit from Volvo Engine Oil VDS 4.5 and Volvo high-performance filters, users should adhere to the service intervals defined in their operator’s manual.

The extended engine service interval is available across a wide range of machines. Check with your local Volvo dealer to learn whether your current Volvo equipment qualifies.


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