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New Volvo P8820D ABG paver combines size and flexibility

The new D-series model from Volvo Construction Equipment includes a new design and new smart features that enhance its reliability and productivity.

Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820D

The new P8820D ABG paver from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) aims to be the ultimate in paving productivity. The 2.5m based paver with high capacity hopper and high-performance Volvo engine is a powerful paver ready to take on the largest paving projects.

Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820DStrong and steady, the 325mm wide and 3,120mm long tracks combined with its robust frame and components assure stability and smoothness throughout the paving process. This new model also has a maximum paving width of 13 meters and a paving thickness of up to 300mm. With a hopper capacity of 14.7t and a large conveyor tunnel, the P8820D ABG is able to achieve an output of 1,100 tons per hour.

The premium Volvo engine is specifically tuned to meet the needs of the hydraulic system and combines high torque at low rpm for superior performance and efficiency. Fuel consumption can be further reduced with the introduction of intelligent features such as adaptive ECO Mode, which matches engine output to jobsite requirements. This gives operators the power to perform as well as reducing noise levels – benefitting the paving crew and local community alike. Insulated components throughout the machine offer further noise reduction.

Big doesn´t mean inflexible. With a range of configurations available, you can prepare your paver to succeed in a wide range of specialist applications in addition to asphalt paving. Achieve the highest levels of pre-compaction behind the screed in activities such as ballast paving and working with cement-treated base and roller compacted concrete materials.

Quality that lasts

Customers can rely on this machine for consistent paving results. The Volvo design focuses on quality and uptime and the P8820D ABG is dependable day after day with:

Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820D

  • Increased auger height adjustment ranges from 120mm to 200mm, which allows for optimal material flow in the auger channel for a wide range of layer thicknesses up to 300mm.
  • The unique Volvo automatic hydraulic track tensioner increases uptime and lowers operating costs. This provides more precise and stable steering, while the durable track scrapers further contribute towards a smoother surface finish.
  • The optional Volvo patented screed load device ensures consistent high-quality results throughout the entirety of the project, by preventing start-off bumps. The screed tensioning device locks torsional stiffness across the length of the screed, ensuring a consistent angle of attack across the full screed width. The result is a consistent layer thickness. Outstanding drive power and machine traction provide optimal force in all paving situations.
  • Ready to ‘plug-and-play´ with a variety of leveling equipment – including 3D leveling.
  • A Soft dock option helps to absorb impact during docking thanks to damped push rollers, keeping mat quality level high due to reduced risk of marks behind the screed.
  • Quick and safe servicing. The P8820D ABG has improved service access to essential checkpoints via a wide opening access hatch on the operator platform. This provides ease of maintenance, reduces downtime and minimizes operational costs.

Ultimate paving results

The Volvo P8820D ABG is compatible with a range of high-performance screeds, depending on operational requirements and preferences. Featuring the Volvo quick coupling system, special profile solutions and optional hydraulically controlled end-gates, you can count on Volvo to deliver ultimate paving results.
Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820D
Built on decades of engineering excellence, Volvo screeds deliver the best pavement quality, uniformity and smoothness. With paving widths of up to 13-meters, the P8820D ABG can be equipped with a range of industry-leading screeds capable of handling a variety of materials. Volvo offers variomatic screeds and manual screeds for P8820D ABG. Volvo variomatic screeds have eight guide tubes, four on each hydraulic extension, which contribute to a consistent and uniformly compacted smooth surface. In terms of operation, VB79 screed and VB78 screeds will operate the same jobsite but VB79 screeds will have greater potential when special crown profiles or specific draining requirements are required. The extendable screeds feature two additional articulated sections and are adjustable upwards or downwards by 10% (5.7 degrees), creating the possibility to pave irregular profiles with greater ease, less material use and at lower costs.

Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820DWhen it comes to achieving material target density you can rely on the specially-designed Volvo tamper bars. Depending on application and condition, you can choose from the single or double tamper screeds to ensure a smooth, uniform surface. The Volvo double tamper system secures the highest pre-compaction in the industry.

The unique Volvo coupling systems allow screeds to be changed efficiently and safely – in as little as 55 minutes – and without the use of special tools. In addition, optional hydraulic end-gate control – integrated into the screed panel – eliminates the need for cumbersome manual adjustments. This guarantees a clean side finish and keeps operators safely away from traffic. To further boost operator comfort and screed versatility the hydraulic end-gates are fitted with a power float function.

The operator's choice

Volvo pavers are industry-renowned for providing the highest levels of operator comfort and in the P8820D ABG operators can enjoy comfortable, safe and productive working shifts with intuitive controls, excellent visibility, intelligent functions and a spacious platform.
Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820D The Electronic Paver Management (EPM3) system puts the operator in full control. All buttons are consolidated into the control system and arranged for ease of operation – with backlighting for night shifts. The EPM3 features integrated functions such as a settings manager, which stores customized settings for individual projects to ensure consistent paving quality from job to job and a service interval manager which alerts the operator to required or scheduled maintenance. And that´s not all. When it comes to smart features the P8820D ABG is a genius.

Powered by Volvo Co-Pilot, Pave Assist provides a powerful set of digital tools, including Material Manager, Thermal Profiling and Weather View, which are designed to make the operator's life easier, document the paving process and enhance mat quality.

Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820DPaving efficiency is also enhanced with the optional Smart dock – remote controlled light bars that provide visual signals to the tipper driver to ensure they approach and unload into the paver hopper in the safest and most effective way. This results in fewer interruptions to material supply, reduced material spillage and a more consistent mat quality.

Volvo Tracked Asphalt Paver P8820DFinally, operators can now experience unhampered visibility from the operator platform thanks to the flat engine hood design and smaller electrical boxes. Visibility is further enhanced by glazed areas to both sides of the platform, extendable seat and near-field mirrors for a side view. Six standard work lights and optional lighting kits help to boost safety and performance when working at night, and home light function illuminates the platform for three minutes after the main switch is turned on or the ignition is turned off. When ending a working shift, operators can store the paving panel, screed console and toolbox within the machine and leave empty-handed thanks to new storage areas – and adding to the convenience even further, everything is lockable by the ignition key.

Bigger and better than before, it´s no surprise that the P8820D ABG is set to be the operator´s paver of choice.





Key specifications P8820D ABG:

Engine emission Tier 3 EU Stage V
Engine type Volvo D7E Volvo D8J
Engine power kW 182 200
  hp (imp) 244 268
At engine speed r/min 2000
Basic width m 2,5
  ft-in 8’2”
Maximum paving width m 13
  ft-in 42’8”
Paving output ton/hr 1100
  Short ton/hr 1212.5
Maximum layer thickness mm 300
  in 11.8
Hopper capacity ton 14.7
  Short ton 16.204
Tractor weight kg 17 060 17 350
  lb 37611 38250
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