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Fleet Utilization

View percentage of work time versus idle time by individual machine, by machine type and by month across your entire fleet. You can work hand in hand with your Volvo dealer to set goals for utilization improvement for the whole fleet and identify individual operators who may need better training or machines that are underutilized and may need reallocation.

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Individual Machine Summaries

Your dashboard provides key details on each Volvo machine in your fleet, allowing you to quickly glance at upcoming preventative maintenance schedules, as well as identify how individual operators compare to one another in terms of fuel usage, idle times and productivity. You can then highlight operator training opportunities that can positively impact your bottom line.

Machine Misuse Issues

Operator behavior is a key factor in a machine’s maintenance costs and overall lifespan. ActiveCare Direct logs all instances of potential machine misuse that could be causing unnecessary wear and tear, including high-shift speeds, hot turbo shutdowns, overuse of brakes, misuse of work modes and more.

Volvo Articulated Hauler A45G FS T2 T4F

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