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A keen 'I-4' safety

The last of a five-part series looks at the ground-breaking Interstate-4 reconstruction project in Florida. This week, we examine how the $2.3 billion megaproject project will decrease travel time and improve safety for Floridians, when completed in 2021.

The new I-4 will feature a number of cutting-edge improvements.

Ashby Cockrell, 68, avoids Florida’s interstate 4 (I-4) whenever he can. To avoid the traffic and accidents that plague the highway system, he prefers to take other tolled roads around the city of Orlando, Florida, adding to his commute time but reducing the stress of driving on the congested highway. He’s lived in the city since 1991, when he moved from Virginia to the Sunshine State, so he has seen the city experience a steady population boom — and the traffic that comes with it.

“I-4 has never been able to keep up with the number of people coming for tourism or to live here,” he explained. “With Walt Disney World and the other attractions bringing tourism, there is always a lot of traffic. I’d rather drive on other streets around the city than deal with I-4.”

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