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Heavy Equipment Industry Showers Volvo CE with accolade

EquipmentWatch and Engineering News Record honored the global construction equipment manufacture for its contribution to the industry.

Volvo Construction Equipment wins industry awards

Two renowned heavy equipment industry organizations have recognized Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) for its contribution to the industry. EquipmentWatch, the world leader in heavy construction research, honored Volvo CE with three awards in its inaugural “Highest Retained Value Awards”. Engineering News-Record, a leading publication that covers engineering and construction news, named a
Volvo CE advisor as one of the top 25 newsmakers in 2015.

Volvo CE’s IR SD45 series drum compactors along with the L220 series and L90 series wheel loaders received EquipmentWatch’s Highest Retained Value Award, which recognizes manufacturers in 26 different heavy equipment categories across the construction, agriculture and lift/access industries for products that show the highest residual value over the last five years.

“Retained value is one of the most powerful measures of quality, performance and longevity for a piece of heavy equipment,” said Garrett Schemmel, vice president & market leader, EquipmentWatch. “A high retained value generally shows that a machine has been successful at the work demanded of it, has presented minimal maintenance issues over its service life, and still presents a high value to buyers on the resale market. Each of these machines represents quality and gives buyers confidence in their investment on both the new equipment and equipment resale/auction markets.”

Density Direct
Engineering News-Record named Dr. Sesh Commuri, who worked with Volvo CE to develop Density Direct, as one of its top 25 newsmakers in 2015. Density Direct is a device that can estimate the density and stiffness of asphalt pavements during their construction. The publication commended Dr. Commuri for bringing “cutting-edge artificial-intelligence research to road construction.”

Engineering News-Record selected the top 25 newsmakers by looking through the issues of the previous year for individuals who have served the best interests of the construction industry and the public.

“We are honored to be recognized by EquipmentWatch and Engineering News-Record,” said Dave Foster, vice president marketing and corporate communications, Volvo CE. “We are constantly improving to provide better solutions for the industry and for our customers.”