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L200H High Lift extends log handling abilities

Volvo CE has reinvented its L180H High-Lift wheel loader and turned it into the all-new L200H High Lift – featuring lifting power up by 27 % and larger capacity grapples.

When it comes to understanding the needs of forestry, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has deep roots. The logging industry was felled when Volvo invented the first high-lift wheel loader in 1974 – and has not looked back since, with the machine now commonplace in timberyards worldwide.

The L200H High Lift is the latest evolution of half a century of learning, and takes as its basis the market leading L180H High-Lift it replaces. The headline improvement includes the ability to be fitted with up to 13% larger grapples – made possible by the 27% increase in lifting capacity. This, combined with a stronger base unit, means the L200H High Lift can handle more cubic meters of timber per hour, upping productivity and driving down operating costs.

A new loading unit features a reinforced lift arm system, cross beam and rotator unit. This extra muscle means that maximum lifting capacity jumps from 8.8 tonnes on the L180H High-Lift to a mighty 11.42 tonnes. Grapple sizes have grown to suit – with the biggest stretching from 3.8m² on the previous model to grabbing 4.3m² on the L200H High Lift. Grapples come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit site requirements. And these are no ordinary grapples – but Volvo-designed reinforced grapples that embody half a century of high-lift knowhow. To accommodate this extra capacity and ensure the stability of the loader, larger 875-type low-profile L4 tires are fitted as standard.

A chip off the old block

With the ability to stack logs to almost 7m high – 60% higher than a conventional wheel loader – the Volvo High Lift arm design makes the most of timber yard storage capacity. Not only high, but dexterous too – offering 360° rotation and the ability to tilt, the L200H High Lift makes it easy to reach any log on the stack. The new stronger rotator unit is maintenance-free and features an integrated dampening system that also improves stability.

Driveline that takes the pressure off

The L200H High Lift is also light on its feet, able to travel over rough terrains at speed, work comfortably on unmade ground and exert minimal stress on paved surfaces. It does so thanks to its four wide equally-sized tires and articulated steering. The result is reduced site preparation and site maintenance costs. 

Stopping ability has to be first class in timber yards, where heavy use of brakes is the norm. To stop temperatures rising, the L200H High Lift has an external axle oil cooling system that reduces the temperature of the axles, which in turn increases their lifetime and those of the brakes. What’s more, it also includes an oil filter that keeps the axle oil clean for longer, increasing the oil change interval to 4,000 hours (or 18 months).

Gear shifting strategy has been optimized to suit the new increased workloads, resulting in fast acceleration and smooth operation. Proven technologies such as OptiShift, which integrates the Reverse-By-Braking function and torque converter with lock-up, further support fuel efficiency.

Technology where it matters

The L200H High Lift is the first high lift variant to be compatible with Load Assist, the suite of apps accessed from the in-cab Volvo Co-Pilot display, designed to enhance the productivity and profitability of wheel loader operations

The On-Board Weighing app provides real-time insights into the grapple’s payload to help eliminate overloading, underloading, reweighing and waiting times. The Operator Coaching Advanced app, meanwhile, helps use the loader to its potential. It provides real-time information and guidance to operators, helping them ensure they are working in a way which delivers optimum productivity and fuel efficiency, as well as reduced machine wear.

Also part of the Load Assist offer is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which gives the ability to check the pressure and temperature of air-inflated and hydro-inflated tires from the comfort of the cab. When you consider that having the correct tire pressure can cut fuel consumption by between 2-4%, and add 6-10% to tire like, this is a valuable cost-saving tool. 

A nice place to spend the day

The L200H High Lift is a great place to spend a shift. It has a spacious design, ergonomic layout and outstanding visibility – it even comes with a choice of seats. Specially designed multi-function lever ensures precise control of the hydraulics, and operators can even personalize settings from their smartphones.

To reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity, the optional Comfort Drive Control gives operators the opportunity to steer the machine using a lever instead of the steering wheel – particularly effective for fast-paced truck unloading.

Operators have to be constantly aware of the world around their machines. But help is at hand: a new optional front view camera provides visibility of what is happening at the front of the machine and even on top of the stack, displayed on a dedicated in-cab monitor.

Downtime down & service simplified

Long service life, reduced maintenance requirements, straightforward access to service points and a range of complementary services all help to keep maintenance costs down and uptime to a maximum. Like its predecessor, the L200H High Lift is easy to work on – its Volvo cab can be tilted to either a 30º or 70º. Combined with an electronically operated engine hood, gaining access to work on the machine is straightforward.

Inspecting and cleaning the engine compartment is now even easier, thanks to additional handrails on both sides of the machine. Quick drain/fill connectors make changing the hydraulic oil, transmission oil, engine oil and front axle oil fast and easy, while helping to avoid spillage and contamination.

With Volvo at your side

Even when not on-site Volvo can keep an eye out for its machines via its ActiveCare service. The company’s Uptime Centers provide around-the-clock machine monitoring, supplying weekly reports and notifying customers should preventive maintenance action be needed. 

The L200H High Lift is the latest iteration of Volvo’s long heritage of helping forestry customer reach higher and do more with less cost and downtime. 

Key specifications:

 Main specifications  Unit L200H HL Stage II L200H HL Stage III
 Log grapples  m2  3.4 - 4.3  3.4 - 4.3
 Operating weight  kg  35 000 - 40 000  35 000 - 40 000
 Engine   Volvo D13F

 Volvo D13E

 Max power at  r/min  1 300 - 1 400  1 300 - 1 400
 . . . SAE J1995 gross  kW  246  246
 . . . ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net  kW  245  245
 Max torque at  r/min  1000  1000
 . . . SAE J1995 gross  Nm  2030  2030
 . . . ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net  Nm  2024  2030
 Tires   875/65R29 alternative 775/65 R29  875/65R29 alternative 775/65 R29



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