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Increased uptime thanks to Volvo ACTIVE CARE

The global rollout of Volvo ACTIVE CARE is another unique industry first by Volvo CE. It takes the number-crunching out of machine telematics – thanks to the combination of fleet monitoring and comprehensive, actionable machine reports.

With the rise of onboard telematics and remote connectivity it’s easy for fleet managers to become overwhelmed by the mass of data being produced by modern construction machines. With Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) unique Volvo ACTIVE CARE now set to be offered globally, Volvo proactively takes on the burden of monitoring and reporting machine health, leaving customers more time to focus on their operations. Volvo ACTIVE CARE is an intelligent telematics service that bundles together the monitoring of machine health and the provision of weekly reports that together help reduce downtime. 
Remote analysis delivers multiple benefits, including catching problems before they become failures and helping smooth service scheduling. By knowing what the problem is, dealer technicians need to make fewer trips to the customer site and arrive with the right tools, parts, and expertise to increase the opportunity for a first visit fix. This all amounts to increased uptime and reduced cost for the customer.


How it works

The process is simple: machine data points are captured via CareTrack – Volvo’s telematics system – and monitored remotely via machine-to-machine connectivity by Volvo Uptime Centers around the world. Here dedicated Volvo experts who really understand the machines use state-of-the-art diagnostic software to process the information. When a critical alarm or a fault on a machine is detected, the dealer is informed, along with diagnostics information on the fault. The dealer then notifies the customer about the issue and plans when the corrective action can be performed. 

Fortunately critical issues are a rarity, but customers are regularly reassured that their machines are being constantly monitored via weekly Uptime reports. These reports highlight areas of opportunity to increase the availability of an individual machine – or fleet of machines.

Weekly insight, long-term impact

The greatest benefit of Volvo ACTIVE CARE and the dedicated Uptime Centers is that a customer no longer has to spend time digging for the insights among a mass of machine information — that’s being done on their behalf by Volvo and their Volvo dealer. 
This more regular interaction helps Volvo, the dealer, and customers work together to identify actions that can greatly impact one of the biggest drivers of profitability – uptime.

“Through Volvo ACTIVE CARE, we are strongly committing to ever higher uptime,” says Koen Sips, Vice President Customer Solutions at Volvo CE.

Image 1: Volvo ACTIVE CARE takes the number crunching out of machine telematics.
Image 2: Insightful weekly reports.