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Volvo Concept Lab is a joint visionary communication platform for the Volvo Group and the Volvo Product Brand. Through Volvo Concept Lab, we showcase cutting-edge ideas and innovative concepts that meet our customers’ future needs and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.


Following the completion of a research project aimed at breaking new ground in hydrogen fuel cell technology, we have reached a new milestone with the world-first, emission free hydrogen fuel cell articulated hauler prototype HX04 – emitting only water vapor.


This fully autonomous, battery-electric prototype is the first real-world example of a self-learning wheel loader with the brains to make decisions, perform tasks, and interact with humans.

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The CX01 is an autonomous, self-levelling asphalt compactor prototype. Capable of being operated either by remote-control or entirely autonomously, the single-drum concept compactor is also a flexible hybrid solution that is fitted with both a diesel engine and an energy storage system.


The EX03 is the company’s first electric prototype in the mid-size excavator range and with low noise, zero exhaust emissions and reduced maintenance, it represents the future for safer and more environmentally responsible construction sites on the larger end of the scale. An exciting feature is a video screen fixed to the rear of the EX03.


The EX02 100% electric compact excavator prototype delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher efficiency, 10 times lower noise levels and reduced total cost of ownership compared to its conventional counterparts. The prototype has won the Intermat Innovation Award for its revolutionary design.


The EX01 is a 70-ton dual-powered, cable-connected excavator prototype. 
Although it’s operated in exactly the same way as a conventional Volvo excavator, it is much more environmentally friendly – in fact, when it’s plugged into the grid, it emits no carbon whatsoever.


The LX02, the electric compact wheel loader, is a second-generation prototype. The combustion engine has been replaced with a lithium ion battery - it delivers zero emissions, significantly lower noise levels, improved efficiency and reduced operational costs, compared to its conventional counterparts.


The LX01 electric hybrid wheel loader can deliver up to a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency. The machine also offers a significant reduction in emissions and noise pollution compared to its conventional counterparts. Tested in the real-world green waste composting site and a waste transfer site in California in 2017.


The HX02 autonomous, battery-electric load carrier prototype incorporates shared technologies and components from the Volvo Group. The HX02 also has a completely new drivetrain and a vision system that detects humans or obstacles in the machine’s vicinity.


The HX01 autonomous, battery electric, load carrier is the first-generation prototype, which served as proof of concept for the updated, second-generation prototype, HX02. In 2016, Volvo CE celebrated HX01’s success in the Swedish Quality Innovation award.