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Volvo LX03

The Volvo LX03, a research concept, is a milestone breaking new grounds in smart construction technology. It represents both the next stage in Volvo CE’s exploration into machine intelligence and its determination to decarbonize the construction industry.

Made real with innovation

A collaboration between Volvo, LEGO Technic, and a group of incredible children who shared their ideas and vision for an autonomous wheel loader resulted in a new LEGO Technic building kit. From these beginnings, our talented engineers and development teams set to work to bring the idea to life – developing a machine with the brains to make decisions, perform tasks and interact with humans.

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Prototype machine LX03
The intelligent future of construction
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The power to perform

The LX03 has been built with components based on the L25 Electric drivetrain – making it a zero-emission machine. The wheels are packed with sensors, almost like the feet of a human. While providing superb traction, it also lets the LX03 set the direction of the rim-pull of the wheels when working in a pile, for example.

Versatility in action

The LX03 demonstrates how automation can be rolled-out across a machine type as versatile as the wheel loader. With just the simple change of an attachment, a wheel loader is required to carry out many different tasks, from scooping and lifting to traveling around a site. Depending on the size, they can work across diverse segments, from landscaping to mining.

Lego version and prototype of the LX03
Collaborating outside the box
Watch the project film

A design for life

The LX03's striking scissor frame is a unique feature that allows the machine greater freedom of movement and increased efficiency. It also offers a unique bucket sequence that can be filled by lowering the machine's rear part, or counterweight, requiring no work from the loading unit at the front and providing improved stability during the loading process.

New heights in energy

The counterweight, which also doubles as the battery pack, can be lifted off the ground, allowing the bucket to reach much further over the load receiver than a conventional machine. This motion pattern improves energy efficiency by enabling the machine to use its weight to create greater lifting power and larger bucket fills, thereby reducing the loading cycle.