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What we believe in

What guides us into the future

To build the world we want to live in

What world will we inhabit tomorrow? It all depends on the choices we make today. This is why we passionately contribute to society’s prosperity and sustainable development, reducing the climate footprint and use of resources – always with people’s health, safety and wellbeing at the center of our actions.

It’s why we drive innovation. It’s why we, together with our partners, always do our utmost to deliver on our promises to our customers and strive to earn their trust. Because we believe in working together to create a world that is cleaner, safer and more connected. Every day. Our purpose is clear: we’re here to build the world we want to live in.

We believe in a sustainable future

To have a future, we must do business sustainably. That’s as true for our company as it is for the planet as a whole. To succeed, we do our best to look beyond the shortsighted horizons of today’s economy, and focus on what is sustainable in the long run – not only for the environment but also for the society. We have taken an active role in a number of progressive projects, most notably WWF Climate Savers and the Construction Climate Challenge. And we’re confident our efforts will lead us to a more prosperous, fair and environmentally sound future.

Our approach to sustainability

We are part of the problem – but we are also part of the solution.

Pehr G Gyllenhammar

Former President and CEO, 1972
We believe in innovation

Our innovative spirit has taken us where we are today, and will continue to guide us into the future. We believe strongly in using the power of imagination and creativity, not only to constantly improve the quality, safety, performance and efficiency of our machines, but also to be able to completely rethink the concept of what our products and services could look like. Our visions include work sites with zero accidents, zero unplanned stops and zero emissions.

Our approach to innovation
We believe in the power of people

Care and respect for people has always been at the core of Volvo. This guides us every day, in how we behave towards our customers, our employees, our suppliers and all the other people we share this planet with. Our company culture is built around trust, passion and an open mindset, and we’re confident that the more we listen to and understand different perspectives, the stronger we become. Because after all, only one thing can change the world for the better. People.

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Volvo CE Building tomorrow - Kouga wind farm
Building tomorrow

We set out to tell the stories of some spectacular construction projects that highlight sustainability and help build the world we want to live in.

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