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Ensuring Safety

Our vision is for a world with zero accidents. For people using our solutions, for those working in our own operations and for wider society. Safety has always been a priority for us. And we continue to develop new innovations that transform our industry and work with partners to drive improvements and reduce the risk of accidents, for the benefit of everyone. 

Elevating electric motorsport safety

Our electric race car recovery solution, developed in partnership with the FIA and Granfors Racing, is transforming the world of electric rallycross racing, making it safer for drivers, recovery teams and spectators. And helping us deliver on our ambition to accelerate the transition to electric.

Electric race car recovery
Icon illustrating seat belt

Designing for safety

Safety is at the heart of our product design. From our trademark orange guardrails and industry-leading solutions like our Collision Mitigation System to our work with partners like the FIA. We pioneer the latest technologies to reduce the risk of accidents and make job sites safer.

Icon illustrating people

Putting people first

We know that our people are our biggest asset and we are committed to their safety and wellbeing. The world around us is changing and we must adapt and evolve. We want our people to feel valued, heard and empowered. Only by working together can we build the world we want to live in.

Icon illustrating circular lifecycle with human, animal and nature

A safer environment

We want to protect our environment and our planet’s resources. From our growing range of zero emission electric machines, to the circular approach we take with the solutions we make, we take action today to make our world safer.

Machines with collision mitigation warning active
Collision mitigation
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