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Collaborative approach

True change requires meaningful partnership. Our unique approach is how we accelerate progress and maintain our lead at the forefront of the industry transformation. We cannot act alone. We need to bring everyone together in our shift towards a fossil free future.

Pioneering fossil free steel

Our ground-breaking partnership with SSAB to deliver construction machines made from fossil free steel to our customers sets the benchmark for a carbon neutral future. This inspiring collaboration is proof that we really can make fast progress when we work together in strong partnerships, when we are determined to act and when we enable our skilled people to contribute to building the world we want to live in. We are determined to reduce our carbon footprint across our entire supply chain and this ongoing research and development is another big step forward on this path.

Fossil free steel hauler

Electrifying partnership

Transforming our society towards an electric future is not only a change we are a part of, it is a race we are leading. Because it is a race that cannot wait. This is why we partner with the FIA World Rallycross Championship as they too transform towards electric rallycross racing.

World Rallycross partnership
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Industrial Partnerships

To rapidly commercialize fossil-free solutions for each and every customer, we need to form strong partnerships with like-minded experts. This is how we accelerate our bold commitments to sustainability, innovation and productivity.

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Societal partnerships

We are capable of leading the sustainable evolution for the benefit of all, through powerful collaborations that influence far beyond our industry. Shared ambitions can deliver exciting change across all areas of society.

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Academic partnerships

An important part of our commitment towards being fossil-free by 2040 is investing in the future – challenging students to bring new perspectives while inspiring ourselves to think in radical new ways.     

Woman in hardhat at a construction site
Fossil free worksite
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