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Three Design Essentials For Soil Compactors

Proper soil compaction is essential for any construction project but soil compactors are much more than heavy rolling weights. We take a look at the three most important design elements for...

Better roads: the American dream

With the condition and funding of the US’s road network stuck in the slow lane, what does the future hold for America’s motorists? ARTBA Chairman Bob Alger and Chief Economist Dr. Alison...

Driving a 60 Ton Hauler? That's Child's Play

With Christmas fast approaching, Bruder’s latest award-winning toy release gives a miniature makeover to the gritty world of construction machines.

Five roads of the future

In the past 50 years there have been huge advancements in the automobile industry but the roads we drive on remain nearly unchanged. As cars get smarter so too should the infrastructure that...

Paving The Way for Vital Infrastructure

The transport infrastructure needs in economically emerging regions of the Asia-Pacific are so significant that roads are being built at an unprecedented rate.

VIDEO: 60 Seconds On Urbanization

How do we build cities that radically reduce our carbon footprint while improving well-being? We talk to Carina Borgström Hansson - Senior Advisor WWF One Planet City.

Cities unite to fight global climate change

WWF’s One Planet City Challenge is a friendly competition with a serious goal – to help cities across the world mobilize to take action against climate change. Volvo Construction Equipment...

Urbanization around the world

Cities are home to 55% of the worlds population and this number is set to grow to two thirds by 2050. But where are these cities? We take a trip around the globe to see the current...

INFOGRAPHIC: The quarry & aggregates industry in numbers

With millions of workers and hundreds of thousands of active sites, quarrying is one of the biggest industries in the world – but just how big is it?

Five of the remotest cities in the world

Growing urbanization in some of the hardest to reach spots on earth can be difficult to manage, but for thousands of years humans have persevered and created incredible cities in the most...

The visionaries shaping our future cities

Did you know that cities account for three quarters of all global carbon emissions? Here we highlight the experts who are striving to create a cleaner and more socially responsible urban...

INFOGRAPHIC: Fuel Efficiency - Do More With Less Fuel

Skilled operators are one of the main ways to boost fuel efficiency and productivity. Discover how training can give operators the tools to drive down excessive fuel consumption - and get...

Fuel use - how low can you go?

The diesel engine has become a highly efficient power source – but how much further can it be developed. In this article Dr. Staffan Lundgren discusses whether the humble engine has a...

Five machine innovations promising to cut fuel emissions

With the rise of fossil fuel prices and the pressure to lower carbon footprints many consumers and companies are demanding more fuel-efficient vehicles. Here we explore the truth behind some...

Video: 60 seconds on machine connectivity

Machine connectivity can provide you with data that helps your operations run smoothly. Find out how you can make this data work for you in this short 60 second explainer video.

Volvo provides extra energy for pipeline project

Equipping construction machines with a digital voice has brought a new level of productivity to an international energy project piping gas from the Caspian Sea to Europe.

INFOGRAPHIC: The journey of machine telematics

Telematics has the power to drive construction productivity yet adoption has been slow. Just how far can connectivity go and how will it impact the heavy equipment industry?

Five life-changing benefits of connectivity

The internet has been connecting the globe for only a quarter of a century, but already it is influencing so many aspects of our daily lives – from the way we shop to the way we keep...

Construction telematics: the power of the network

Modern construction equipment needs telecoms networks. While there is significant machine-to-server activity there is far less vehicle-to-vehicle communication than many people think. In...

VIDEO: 60 seconds on excavator uptime

There are a few simple checks that are easy to overlook. Here we look at some of the key areas you need to keep in mind to make sure your machine stays up and running.