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Volvo Construction Equipment has launched its largest articulated hauler to date.

The new Volvo A60H hauler starts production in November and, initially, the company plans to produce about 200 of them a year. In an industry where more than half of all articulated haulers sold globally by all manufacturers are within the Volvo A40 size class, the new 60-ton/55-tonne machine meets a growing demand for an articulated hauler with larger capacity. The machine’s higher payload – a 40% increase on Volvo’s A40 models – significantly lowers the cost-per-tonne ratio for hauler customers.

“When they see the machine they’ll understand the need for it in the future,” says Stig Nilsson, Technical Product Manager. “It is a fantastic product – we are very satisfied and excited with what we are delivering.”

Pride in the new hauler is palpable amongst employees at Volvo CE’s 45,000m2 carbon-neutral, articulated hauler facility in Braås, southern Sweden. To date, 15 prototypes have been taken through their paces on the all-terrain test track and customers are trying out the machine in the field and delivering feedback. It has been a long process.

Workshop Project Leader Johan Kjellander explains that a 16-strong team has been working on assembly of the prototype machine. “From the first prototype, from start to finish, it has taken us three years,” he says.

The development team has spent many hours in the test cabin overlooking Volvo CE’s test track watching successive prototypes being put through their paces.

“The last time we did a new size machine [the A40] was 20 years ago. It’s not so often this happens, so it has been really fun to be a part of it,” says Håkan Braf, Project Manager Engineering.

The new size is a viable alternative to rigid dump trucks and construction trucks operating on soft, uneven or steep roads, allowing loads to be shifted more quickly. Articulated haulers also reduce the level of maintenance on site roads, further improving profitability. These durable machines are built to work hard and with long service intervals and minimal maintenance requirements, the A60H boasts many of the features of its predecessors.

“We have carried out all sorts of tests to make sure it will function across all the various ranges,” explains Ken Miller, Project Manager Verification. “Everything from hardware to software has been fully verified so that the machine works throughout all its different ranges and applications and under all conditions.”

The first articulated hauler known as Gravel Charlie was originally launched by Volvo in 1966 and celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

The EC750E, Volvo CE’s 75-tonne class crawler excavator


The EC750E, Volvo CE’s 75-tonne class crawler excavator, offers a perfect combination of power and stability to handle higher capacity for any application. The machine is designed to achieve maximum uptime, enabling almost non-stop production, even in the toughest of environments.

This crawler excavator boasts superior digging performance combined with the ability to access hard-to-reach areas. High system pressure and durable tracks ensure greater power and ease of handling when climbing gradients and traveling over unstable ground.

Compatible with a range of durable attachments, its innovative electro-hydraulic technology operates in harmony with Volvo’s Tier 4 Final/Stage IV compliant D16 engine. An integrated work mode system enhances fuel efficiency and machine performance and allows operators to choose the best work mode for the task, ensuring the correct configuration for any job.

The spacious low-noise cab provides all-round visibility and has been built with the operator in mind. Designed to keep the driver alert and focused, features include ample storage and leg room, 12 air-conditioner vents and an adjustable seat.

The new EC950E – Volvo CE’s largest crawler excavator


With a breakout force of 424kN and a 408kN tearout force, no task is too tough for the new EC950E, Volvo CE’s largest crawler excavator, providing a perfect combination of power and stability. The machine has been designed and built for longevity and sustained uptime in demanding applications. Thanks to advanced technology based on decades of experience, the EC950E guarantees high productivity with its superior digging force, particularly when working with hard and heavy materials.

Cycle times can be reduced to the minimum with the power and massive torque of the Volvo D16 engine, combined with the newly developed, fully electro-hydraulic system. Constant high hydraulic pressure delivers power to the machine on demand.

The attachment management system gives the operator greater versatility by using various attachments and pre-set hydraulic flow and pressure from inside the cab through the LCD monitor. The comfortable, spacious and low-noise cab, in which all machine interfaces, including joysticks, keypad and monitor are ergonomically positioned, is designed for optimum control and efficiency, and allows operators to work with comfort and confidence in the most challenging environments. Currently available in markets other than Europe and North America.

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