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Embankment in Sundarbans
The current length of the new embankments in Sundarbans is 5,000 meters.

Saving invaluable land

The Sundarbans project in numbers

Saving invaluable land

Sundarbans in India is a beautiful yet dangerous patchwork of mangrove islands. Rising sea levels and reoccurring tsunamis have made living in the area hazardous. The construction of new embankments will create a new future for the population – here is the unique project in numbers.

The Sundarbans delta is a unique part of the world, home to the Bengal tiger and proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, everyday life is a challenge to the population living in the area. The tides in Sundarbans are dramatic and living conditions are further comprised by recurring tsunamis. In 2009, cyclone Aila hit the Sundarbans so badly that a majority of the old embankments that used to protect the villagers were washed away.

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The people living in Sundarbans have tried to rebuild some of the walls by hand, now machinery and new technique are brought to the area.

The people living in Sundarbans have tried to rebuild some of the walls by hand, an extremely heavy and time-consuming operation. That is the background to why the Sundarbans Embankment Reconstruction Project is bringing machinery and new technique to the area.

Volvo excavators rebuilding walls in Sundarbans
20 Volvo excavators are involved in the embankment construction.

The project in numbers:

4,000 square miles
The Sundarbans delta area, spread across the mouth of Bay of Bengal, from India to Bangladesh. Proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The number of islands, on the Indian side of Sundarbans.

The number of inhabited islands in Sundarbans, on the Indian side.

4.5 million
The population in Sundarbans.

Children in Sundarbans
The population in Sundarbans is 4.5 million.

3,500 kilometers
The length of the old embankments, built during the British rule some 250 years ago.

3-8 millimeters
The annual rise of the sea level in the area.

5 meters
The height of the new embankments currently being constructed in Sundarbans.

5,000 meters
The current length of the new embankments.

The number of Volvo excavators involved in the embankment construction.

Children in front of excavator
54 of the102 islands on the Indian side of Sundarbans are inhabited.
Saving invaluable land

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