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#6 Saving invaluable land

Rebuilding embankments in Sundarbans

Sundarbans, India – fighting the floods

Along the Bay of Bengal, 4.5 million people are living under the constant threat of rising sea levels and recurring cyclones. Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes the last decades. A major source of protection is embankments and now, new ones are being built to protect the population. This is the story of Sundarbans and how Volvo machinery is building tomorrow in a very unique part of the world.

Millimeter by millimeter, the sea levels are rising. In Sundarbans, the future is already a reality. We take a look at how the construction business can tackle this global challenge.

One third of the land disappears and recurs with the tide every day. This is the story of Sundarbans, one of the world’s most extreme settings for construction work.

Sameer Manna is operating a Volvo excavator at one of the world’s most unique construction sites - the Sundarbans delta in India. His work will save lives.

Logistics is a challenge when working in Sundarbans. Shantanu Mukherjee takes us to the construction site where the land disappears and recurs with the tide every day.

The construction of new embankments in Sundarbans, India, will create a new future for the population – here is the unique project in numbers.

Sundarbans in India is threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather. A small team of operators are working non-stop to protect the land. Sameer Manna is one of them.

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