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Several alligators laying in the edge of the water

Restoring the Everglades

The megaproject in numbers

Restoring the Everglades

The restoration of the Everglades has been an ongoing venture for the past twenty years. It consists of several projects, with the C-43 water reservoir as one of the most important ones in order to restore the water quality in the state of Florida.

Here are some key figures that describe the scope of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan and the C-43 reservoir build.


Liters of water that the reservoir will be able to hold once finished. 
Equals approximately 53,000,000,000 gallons.

Estimated cost in dollars for the whole Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan.

The amount of dollars the C-43 reservoir project is estimated to cost.

The number of square kilometers that the Everglades covers.
Equals approximately 1,5 million acres.

The number of people from all over the world who visit the Everglades each year.

The year when the C-43 reservoir is expected to be completed.

The year the draining of the Everglades began.

Several birds at the water's edge

The number of species of birds who reside in the Everglades.

The number of unique reptiles who call the Everglades home.

The number of Volvo machines working the soil at the C-43 reservoir project construction site.

The size of the C-43 reservoir in square kilometers.
Equals approximately 10,000 acres.

A Volvo CE excavator and a Volvo CE dumper
42 Volvo CE machines are currently working the soil on site in Florida U.S. The result will be the gigantic C-43 water reservoir.

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