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#9 Restoring the Everglades

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The re-creation of a unique ecosystem

In the heart of the south of Florida, a giant hydrological restoration project is taking place. The mission is to secure the waterflows to a healthy level after decades of draining the land. The construction of the C-43 water reservoir is an important piece of the puzzle to restore the whole of the Everglades to its former glory.

The waterflows in the Everglades in Florida are damaged after more than a century of draining. The build of the massive C-43 water reservoir will help restore the flows.

Uneven soil, hurricanes and strict regulations. Read about the main challenges when constructing an above ground gigantic water reservoir.

Ivey Spivey grew up on a farm and machines have always been a part of his life. Now he is a superintendent on-site in the construction of the C-43 reservoir.

Ivey Spivey is one of hundreds of workers who build the massive C-43 reservoir in Florida. Meet him on-site.

Bringing back coral reefs in Bali, restoring the Patagonian grasslands and replanting forest in Madagascar. Indulge in more ecological restoration plans.

The C-43 reservoir will be able to hold 200 billion liters of water and is set to be finished in 2023. Learn all the facts.