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632 000 cubic yards of concrete.

Reconstructing the I-4

The I-4 makeover in numbers

Reconstructing the I-4

Why this major traffic artery is being rebuilt – and what makes this infrastructure project one of the most significant in the US.

A vital stretch of the Interstate 4 highway, running through Florida from Tampa to Daytona Beach, is currently going through a major makeover. 21 miles or 34 kilometers of densely trafficked road is being rebuilt west of Kirkman Road in Orange County to east of State Road 434 in Seminole County. The aim – to connect Florida’s communities better, boost the state’s economy and improve Floridians’ quality of life. Below, Spirit lists some vital figures from the project.

200 000 cars
When the I-4 was completed in 1965, it was built to handle 70 000 cars per day. Today, the amount of vehicles has more than tripled.

1st in fatalities
When a 2016 survey analyzed interstate fatalities from the last six years, Interstate 4 topped the list as the most dangerous in the US. There is an accident nearly every two miles.

2 000 workers
The peak number of workers is likely to exceed 2 000 on the job site, which doesn't include hundreds of engineers and designers.

632 000 cubic yards of concrete
In total, 632 000 cubic yards of concrete will be used, which would be enough to fill 3 million bathtubs.

140 bridges
A total of 53 new bridges will be added along the I-4, while 13 existing ones will be widened and 74 replaced.

2,3 billion dollars
The design and construction of the the 21-mile makeover will cost more than $2.3 billion.

6,7 million cubic yards of sand
When this list was published, more than 2,2 million cubic yards of sand had been used by the I-4 Ultimate team, and another 4,5 will be used before it’s all done. That’s enough to fill the Great Pyramid of Giza – twice.

14 500 trees
More than 14 500 trees will be planted in concert with native shrubs and grasses. The ambition is to create a signature highway for the Sunshine State.

The year when this megaproject is expected to be completed. Construction begun in 2015.

Reconstructing the I-4

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