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A favorable reception for a new range of wear parts.

Following the 2012 launch of the powerful Volvo L105 wheel loader, designed with the needs of customers in China in mind, a new range of parts has been developed to service machines in every sector from road construction to mining and quarrying.
In August 2013, two new types of teeth were launched for the buckets of the EC360 and EC460 excavators. A range of small, medium and large teeth has since been developed for the entire excavator bucket range. Furthermore, a selection of economically priced ground-engaging tools, such as teeth and adapters, is also available alongside a totally new range of undercarriage replacement parts.


“Considering the volume of excavators in China there is a considerable market for teeth and undercarriage parts,” explains Volvo CE Global Director Parts Kerstin Enochsson. “Our new products for medium- to light-duty applications generally offer lower initial purchase costs and
adapted wear-life specifications.”

Volvo CE is intent on ensuring that the right products are available at the right price to compete in the growing market in China.

“Customers in China are cost-sensitive so we have been engaged in a paradigm shift in our thinking about redesign so that certain products are engineered for affordable strength.”


After significant market research, feedback from the launch of the first teeth (pictured) has been positive and sales are growing steadily, according to Kerstin. “Standing in front of us is a potentially massive market segment with enormous untapped potential for our products.”

As part of Volvo CE’s development strategy, a dedicated team has been set up in Shanghai to help ensure rapid product development of other wear parts. It is also geographically close to important Asia markets as well as the excavator technology team in Korea.
The project team is looking at the possibility of launching the new teeth in other markets across the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. Market potential in mature markets for older, less intensely used machines is also under review.

Kerstin Enochsson, Global Director Parts

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