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The Grand Paris Express project in numbers.

Paris New Revolution

The Grand Paris Express in numbers

Paris New Revolution

The French Capital is rapidly growing and the current transportation system needs to be updated. ‘Le Grand Paris Express’, a giant and ambitious project to be finished in 2035, will serve the Parisians with four brand new metro lines and more possibilities to travel between the city center and the suburbs. Europe has never seen anything like this.

15 minutes
The time it will take from Orly airport to the Paris-Saclay University on the Grand Paris Express. (Currently, it takes 1 hour and 6 mins)

200 kilometers
The total length of the four new metro lines. The current length of the whole Paris metro system is about 214 kilometers, which makes it the longest in the world.

12 million
The number of people living and working in the Grand Paris metropolitan area.

Old Metropolitan entrance in Paris.

The year when the original Paris metro system opened. It premiered in conjunction with the big World Fair the same year.

27,6 million 
Tons of CO2 saved by 2050 thanks to the Grand Paris Express.

2 million 
The number of passengers who will use the Grand Paris Express everyday.

The number of jobs generated by the Grand Paris Express during 2010-2030.

90 % 
The amount of lines built underground in the new system.

68 stations
When the Grand Paris Express is finished, it will host this number of stations. 

250,000 – 400,000 
The approximate number of housing units that will be built around the stations.

€29 billion 
The total budget of the whole project. Source: La Societé du Grand Paris.

Paris New Revolution

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