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Paris underground entrance.

Paris New Revolution

From the bottom up

Paris New Revolution

Paris’ next step of urban development will start below ground. Here are the abandoned places which can be given a total make over.

The transformation of Paris is a process on many levels. The giant infrastructure project Grand Paris Express, is a framework which enables urban development throughout Greater Paris, both over and below ground level.

In 2014, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, initiated the urban development competition called ‘Reinventing Paris’. 23 places around the city were on the transformation list at that time, mainly public spaces and unloved tower blocks. Among them, there were challenging sites as Port de Ternes where the task was to span the famous beltway of Paris, the Périphérique. The first edition of ‘Reinventing Paris’ drew global attention, that’s why architects, urban developers and artists formed teams across borders.

In late May 2018, the ‘Reinventing Paris’ part II opened. This time the underground is in focus. More than 30 subterranean places are available to compete around. Among them, there are a former underground road to the neighborhood of les Halles, located under the Pont-Neuf bridge, a former train station in Auteuil in the 16th arrondissement and a former Renault garage in the 11th arrondissement.

Paris New Revolution

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