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A Volvo EC290BLC working to the stunning view of Kiruna.

Moving the city of Kiruna

The Kiruna move in numbers

Moving the city of Kiruna

Why the town of Kiruna is being moved and what makes it one of the most ambitious urban planning projects in the world.

1,3 bln euros
The sum, in euros, the mining company LKAB estimates it will pay when the expansion of its iron ore mine forces the town of Kiruna to move. So far, the transformation has cost LKAB around €400 mln.

6,000 people
The number of people who will have to move according to LKAB’s estimate – around a third of the city’s population. 

3,200 homes
The number of homes that must be demolished or moved. 

The year when the move is scheduled to be completed.

1,365 meters below ground
The new mining level LKAB is establishing under the current Kiruna is located 1365 meters below ground – which means that the town has to relocate.

145 kilometers
Kiruna’s distance from the Arctic Circle in kilometers.

78 percent
As the EU’s largest iron ore producer, LKAB mines around 78 percent of all iron ore within the EU. The company is wholly owned by the Swedish state. 

21 relocated buildings
The minimum number of cultural heritage buildings, such as Hjalmar Lundbohmgården and Bolagshotellet, which will be relocated to an area close to Mount Luossavaara.

Sources: LKAB, Kiruna city

Moving the city of Kiruna

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