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Gerardo Rojas Silva
Gerardo Rojas Silva, Chief Commercial Officer at Lafuente Group, is looking forward to showing Nueva Santa Cruz to his new born granddaughter one day.

Latin America's boom town

The Big Deal in Bolivia

Latin America's boom town

A whole new Santa Cruz is about to be built in Bolivia. Every Latin American reseller of construction equipment fought for the deal. Toyosa managed to close it. Their strongest selling point? In one word: Volvo.

It is the oil, gas and agricultural businesses that have made Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia’s fastest growing city. One thousand people move in, every day. The city is the 14th fastest growing metropolis in the world. The extreme growth has led to extreme action. Bolivia’s largest real estate company, Lafuente Group, stands behind the initiative to construct a new Santa Cruz. A true megaproject: a new city spread out over 6,000 hectares and with the potential to become home to 370,000 inhabitants. The city will be partly powered by solar or wind energy, large green spaces are going to be protected, and the city is planned in such a way that all services are within walking or cycling distance, making vehicles almost redundant.

The construction of New Santa Cruz will be made in phases, and groundwork has just started for the first phase. Lafuente Group has decided to use Volvo machines as the foundation to their whole machine park when constructing the new city and more than one hundred Volvo machines are already ready to dig in.

“Volvo has been a key player in this project. They invested a lot of effort into the deal and the project of constructing New Santa Cruz,” says Gerardo Rojas, Chief Commercial Officer, Lafuente Group.

Lafuente Group has chosen the dealer Toyosa for the delivery of machines and services. Erick Saavedra is the CEO of the family business and the construction of New Santa Cruz is one of the biggest deals he and his company have ever fought for.

“It was a real challenge to close the deal. All the brands were fighting for this project and this contract,” Erick Saavedra says.

Erick Saavedra, CEO Toyosa
Erick Saavedra, CEO, Toyosa

What sealed the deal turned out to be a combination of long-lasting relationships and a strong offer in terms of both equipment and services.

“The president of Lafuente Group, Julio Novillo, happens to be an old client of ours. We have been working with him before, with machines and brands we sold previously. Now, we showed him how efficient the Volvo products are,” Erick Saavedra says.

In Saavedra’s opinion, Volvo machines are perfect for Bolivian conditions.

“They operate regardless in a high and dry climate, like in La Paz, or in the lowlands where the weather can be very wet, like here in Santa Cruz,” he explains.

Volvo excavators in Nueva Santa Cruz
More than 100 Volvo machines are working on theconstruction site of Nueva Santa Cruz.

Service was another important aspect when Lafuente Group and Toyosa closed the deal.

“We showed Julio Novillo how efficient we could be with service. All in all, he was just convinced that this is the way to go,” says Erick Saavedra.

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