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Illustration of new Santa Cruz in Bolivia
Nueva Santa Cruz when completed. The city will be a trail blazer to new urban planning in Bolivia, with focus on sustainability.

Latin America's boom town

New Santa Cruz in figures

Latin America's boom town

Santa Cruz has developed into a Latin American boom town. Bolivia’s biggest city is growing so fast that a sibling city is now being constructed. Here are the numbers behind the expansion of South America’s fastest growing powerhouse.

Oil, gas, food production and the construction industry have fueled the growth of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bordering Brazil and Paraguay, the city lies in the Andean foothills in Bolivia’s most eastern department. The modern city took form in the 1960’s when a master plan was developed. The city has grown exponentially ever since, especially after 1985, bolstered by liberal reforms.

Illustration of skyscrapers in new Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Nueva Santa Cruz will be located just 20 minutesfrom the old Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The city’s growth, and its strategic location in the middle of South America, have now lead to a mega project: constructing a new Santa Cruz, just twenty minutes from the old city. The vision is to create a South American hub as the city already has good infrastructure to all neighboring countries.

Here is the New Santa Cruz mega project in numbers:

2,5 billion
The total amount that will be invested, in USD

Number of inhabitants that can find new homes in New Santa Cruz

The total hectares for the new area

The hectares for residential areas

The hectares for commercial and business areas

The hectares for green areas

Excavator details in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
More than 100 Volvo machines are involved in theconstruction of Nueva Santa Cruz.

The number of Volvo machines that will be involved in the construction of New Santa Cruz. Among them compactors, wheel loaders and excavators.

2 million

Number of inhabitants in Santa Cruz now

The population of Santa Cruz is expected to double in 15 years

Santa Cruz is the fourteenth fastest growing city in the world

Latin America's boom town

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