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Latin America's boom town

Constructing a new life in Santa Cruz

Latin America's boom town
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Working at a major site of Bolivia’s megaproject Nueva Santa Cruz, excavator operator Eovaldo Uche Moye is involved in the biggest construction project in the nation’s history. But Eovaldo did not only take part of building a new city – he started to build his new life too.

Growing up in the middle of cattle country, in San Ignacio de Moxos in northeastern Bolivia, Eovaldo Uche Moye did not see it as an option to stay.

“I come from a poor family, so I was always thinking about moving as my parents had no opportunity to provide what I wanted there,” Eovaldo explains.

Eovaldo, like many young Bolivians, sought his luck in the booming economic powerhouse of the nation – Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The influx of people to the city comes from many different places. There is a steady flow from the capital La Paz and the country’s third city Cochabamba. But there are also Bolivians in exile, who return home to a country that has turned the tide from disruption and poverty to relative stability and growth in the past decade.

Operator in excavator
Eovaldo Uche Moye moved in to Santa Cruz, fromthe countryside of Bolivia. He wanted to create a new life for himself andfound a way of doing that in the construction business. Now, he is part of theconstruction of the whole new city Nueva Santa Cruz.

For Eovaldo, his move to Santa Cruz was about 500 km in distance, but yet a bigger transition in terms of everyday life.

“My future in San Ignacio de Moxos was to work in a farm with cattle. But I wanted to do something else. Here in Santa Cruz you can find a good job and the possibility to do more.”

In a city that is doubling its population every 15 years, many find that opportunity in construction, and so did Eovaldo. His talent for machinery soon became apparent and he was given a chance to learn how to operate smaller construction equipment, and then moved on to bigger.

Operator in cabin
Eovaldo Uche Moye and his colleagues at theconstruction site appreciate their Volvo machines. “My excavator lets me do myjob in a great way,” Moye says.

“Experience is very important in what we do, and I would say that a minimum of two years of practice is what most companies demand of an operator,” Eovaldo says.

Today Eovaldo works for ECCI (Empresa Constructora de Ciudades Inteligentes), the construction company with the main responsibility to develop Nueva Santa Cruz – a whole new city near the capital of Santa Cruz in eastern Bolivia. Arriving at one of its mayor construction sites, it is Eovaldo and his crawler excavator EC300DL that catches the eye in the huge ongoing development. With skill, accuracy and considerable speed, Eovaldo is digging a canal by the side of the main entrance road leading in to the area.

“I believe that precision is key in my work. That and safety, to always know where my colleagues are and to collaborate with them in the best way. I appreciate that with Volvo, my excavator lets me do my job in a great way and there is always the focus on safety,” Eovaldo explains.

Taking part in the biggest construction project in Bolivia’s history, Eovaldo still thinks a lot about his own future too. A few years ago, his parents and brother moved after him to Santa Cruz. He has also started a family of his own with his wife, being the proud parents of three boys.

“We will be able to buy our own small house here, and what is even more exciting is that the growth will continue and there will be plenty of work ahead. Life will be good in Santa Cruz and I have a really good feeling when thinking of the future.”

As a swirling wind stirs up some red dust high up in the air, Eovaldo closes the door to his excavator and continues to build the future for his new city and for himself.

Latin America's boom town

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