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The Nile flows past Cairo

Egypt’s new wonder

Egypt’s new capital in figures

Egypt’s new wonder

The government of Egypt is about to relocate. East of Cairo, out in the desert, a completely new capital is under construction. The city is planned to be the home for five million people – making it the biggest purpose-built capital in human history.

It has been the capital for more than 1,000 years of Egypt’s 5,000-year history. But now Cairo is about to be dethroned from its position. The construction of the new capital began in 2017 and most government buildings are scheduled to move there as soon as in June 2019.

Here is the proposed new capital of Egypt in numbers:

Pyramids in the backgorund of Cairo

45 billion
The initial estimated cost in USD for the entire project

1.5 billion
The expected daily water use, in cubic meters in the new area

Current number of inhabitants in Cairo – projected to be 40 millions in 2050

In the new capital there will be enough housing for five million people

The year when the project is expected to be completed

Number of schools and colleges in the new area

Number of new mosques and churches in the new capital

The new capital will stretch over 700 square kilometers (equivalent to the size of Singapore)

The new capital will have more than 600 medical facilities

Number of residential districts in the new area

Around 96% of the Egyptians live on just 4% of the Egyptian land

Egypt’s new wonder

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