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#4 Constructing an aerotropolis

Dubai Aerotropolis

The world's biggest airport

In the fourth episode of our series “The Megaproject Listing” we fly to the Middle East. Dubai is taking a leap into the future by constructing the world´s biggest airport, and a whole new urban form around it – the aerotropolis.

Dubai has made a name for itself across the globe as a place where the impossible is made possible – a modern marvel of a city sprung from the desert as if a mirage.

How will we live in the future? What will travel, work and housing look like? One prediction is that more cities will be developed around an airport.

Take a look at how sand and four other desert challenges are handled when working with the articulated hauler in Dubai.

Hard work, determination and a career-long respect for people of all backgrounds and cultures have led him to develop into a unique team player with global competence.

Per Lorentzon changed quiet Eskilstuna for busy
Dubai. He is now promoting Volvo Construction Equipment in the emirate where construction work is literally everywhere.

Traditionally, airports have been built to serve a busy city. Preferably on the outskirts of town. Now, Dubai and a number of other cities around the world are aiming at a reverse pattern....

Why is Dubai building not only the world’s largest airport but a city where the airport is the key to development?

140 square kilometers of Dubai desert will be transformed into the world´s largest airport. Meet the dealer and the contractor who have taken on the job.

Airports let your dreams take off. And like the best dreams – airports are often very big. Al Maktoum International Airport will be the biggest of them all.