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The new capital of Egypt will spread out over 700 square kilometers and cost around 45 billion USD to build. Here is the megaproject at a glance.

Rebuilding embankments in Sundarbans

The Megaproject Listing

#6 Saving invaluable land

In Sundarbans, India, 4.5 million people are living under the constant threat of rising sea levels. This is the story of how Volvo CE excavators are building embankments in a pioneer project designed to save both lives and land.

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One third of the land disappears and recurs with the tide every day. This is the story of Sundarbans, one of the world’s most extreme settings for construction work.

Millimeter by millimeter, the sea levels are rising. In Sundarbans, the future is already a reality. We take a look at how the construction business can tackle this global challenge.

The construction of new embankments in Sundarbans, India, will create a new future for the population – here is the unique project in numbers.

Have you heard about sponge cities? We take a look at 5 new techniques that can transform water in the city from a hazard to a resource.

Sameer Manna is operating a Volvo excavator at one of the world’s most unique construction sites - the Sundarbans delta in India. His work will save lives.

Sundarbans in India is threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather. A small team of operators are working non-stop to protect the land. Sameer Manna is one of them.

Logistics is a challenge when working in Sundarbans. Shantanu Mukherjee takes us to the construction site where the land disappears and recurs with the tide every day.

Santa Cruz City

The Megaproject Listing

#5 Latin America’s boom town

Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. One thousand people move in every day. The extreme growth has called for extreme action – a whole new city is being built.

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6,000 hectares of land will soon be transformed into a whole new city in Bolivia. More than 100 hundred Volvo machines are working on the project Nueva Santa Cruz.

With the population doubling every 15 years, the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz is expanding far beyond its capacity. To cope with the development a new city is being built.

Working at a major site of Bolivia’s megaproject Nueva Santa Cruz, excavator operator Eovaldo Uche Moye is involved in the biggest construction project in the nation’s history.

Santa Cruz has developed into a Latin American boom town. Bolivia’s biggest city is growing so fast that a sibling city is now being constructed. Here are the numbers behind the expansion.

Groundwork has just started on what will become a whole new city in Bolivia. Meet the operator who moved to Santa Cruz to create a better life. Now, he is building his dream future.

A whole new Santa Cruz is about to be built in Bolivia. Every Latin American reseller of construction equipment fought for the deal, but Toyosa managed to close it.

Do you live in a big city? It is actually likely that you do. By 2030, urban areas around the world are projected to house 60 percent of all people. These are the fastest growing cities.

Dubai Aerotropolis

The Megaproject Listing

#4 Constructing an aerotropolis

In the fourth episode of our series “The Megaproject Listing” we fly to the Middle East. Dubai is taking a leap into the future by constructing the world´s biggest airport, and a whole new urban form around it – the aerotropolis.

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Traditionally, airports have been built to serve a busy city. Preferably on the outskirts of town. Now, Dubai and a number of other cities around the world are aiming at a reverse pattern....

Hard work, determination and a career-long respect for people of all backgrounds and cultures have led him to develop into a unique team player with global competence.

Take a look at how sand and four other desert challenges are handled when working with the articulated hauler in Dubai.

How will we live in the future? What will travel, work and housing look like? One prediction is that more cities will be developed around an airport.

Per Lorentzon changed quiet Eskilstuna for busy
Dubai. He is now promoting Volvo Construction Equipment in the emirate where construction work is literally everywhere.

140 square kilometers of Dubai desert will be transformed into the world´s largest airport. Meet the dealer and the contractor who have taken on the job.

Why is Dubai building not only the world’s largest airport but a city where the airport is the key to development?

Dubai has made a name for itself across the globe as a place where the impossible is made possible – a modern marvel of a city sprung from the desert as if a mirage.

Airports let your dreams take off. And like the best dreams – airports are often very big. Al Maktoum International Airport will be the biggest of them all.

Meeting a satisfied client makes his day. Vincent Blandin works as a Business Sales and Technical Controller for Volvo CE – and has been with the company for 14 years.

The Grand Paris

The Megaproject Listing

#3 Paris New Revolution

More than one million vehicles are stuck on the beltway every morning and the metro is just as over populated. Now massive change has started under the Parisians feet.

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A giant and ambitious project to be finished in 2035, will serve the Parisians with four brand new metro lines and more possibilities to travel between the city center and the suburbs.