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The Megaproject Listing

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The Megaproject Listing

#10 Restoring the Everglades

In the heart of the south of Florida, a giant hydrological restoration project is taking place. The mission is to secure the waterflows to a healthy level after decades of draining the land. The construction of the C-43 water reservoir is an important piece of the puzzle to restore the whole of the Everglades to its former glory.

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Bringing back coral reefs in Bali, restoring the Patagonian grasslands and replanting forest in Madagascar. Indulge in more ecological restoration plans.

The waterflows in the Everglades in Florida are damaged after more than a century of draining. The build of the massive C-43 water reservoir will help restore the flows.

Ivey Spivey grew up on a farm and machines have always been a part of his life. Now he is a superintendent on-site in the construction of the C-43 reservoir.

Uneven soil, hurricanes and strict regulations. Read about the main challenges when constructing an above ground gigantic water reservoir.

Ivey Spivey is one of hundreds of workers who build the massive C-43 reservoir in Florida. Meet him on-site.

The C-43 reservoir will be able to hold 200 billion liters of water and is set to be finished in 2023. Learn all the facts.

Silk Road meanders through the green landscape of Kazakhstan

The Megaproject Listing

#9 Constructing the New Silk Road

It has been called the construction project of our century. The New Silk Road, formally the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), will stretch over three continents and affect half of the world’s population. Just as the ancient Silk Road brought goods between East and West, new routes over land and by sea will once again transform the world we live in.

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The Belt and Road Initiative has a major effect on the construction business. Volvo is involved in 24 projects within the initiative. Now, the megaproject opens up for new collaborations.

The New Silk Road will be a game-changer for global logistics. In Kazakhstan, the transformation has already started. Read all about the megaproject of our century.

How will the world look like once the Belt and Road Initiative is finalized? We asked Parag Khanna, global strategy advisor.

Construction work transforms the world. Some projects more than others. Here is a list of six projects that were true global game-changers.

One thousand operators are working on an important segment of the New Silk Road in Kazakhstan. We met Gaziz Dusekenov whose love for excavators has had an impact on a new generation.

More than two thousand operators, with one thousand machines, spread out along a distance of more than 600 kilometers. These are the conditions at the construction site in Kazakhstan.

The construction of the New Silk Road is currently taking place in 66 countries. Want to know the budget? Have a look at some of the project’s key figures.

“I love working in the beautiful nature here”, says Gaziz Dusekenov. He is one of 1,000 operators who are currently constructing the New Silk Road in Kazakhstan.

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The Megaproject Listing

#8 Driving under the fjords

In Boknafjorden, Norway, something fascinating is taking shape under the surface. Hundreds of meters below sea level, the world’s deepest – and longest – subsea road tunnel is carved out. The spectacular build is the first step in a major re-construction of the Norwegian West coast.

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A tunnel under water – how can that be done? Knut Storli, Foreman at contractor NCC, explains the challenges of building tunnels under the sea.

Arne Oddvar Haugleand has worked in tunnels his whole career. Now, it is time to retire. Here is what he will miss the most.

Blasting foreman Arne Oddvar Haugeland has worked in tunnels for nearly half a century. Every day, he faces the risks of working subsea. “You need to trust your colleagues,” he says.

Norway embarks on the country’s biggest infrastructure project in modern history. Here is the story on how the contemporary Vikings are shaping a new future under water.

How long will it be? And how deep? We give you all the numbers on the construction of the world’s longest and deepest road tunnel under water.

One was dug by hand in China, another reshaped the geography of Europe and a third doubles as a drainpipe. Welcome to the fascinating world of tunnels.

Tunnel work is dark, deep and potentially dangerous. We went underground with Norway’s most experienced tunnel pros.

Egypt is constructing a whole new capital and the need for trained operators is huge. Come along to the training center outside Cairo where operator skills are taken to the next level.

The construction of a new capital in Egypt is one of the world’s most spectacular urban projects. We take a look at six other stunning city-builds around the world.

Hany Abd El-Malak is more busy than ever. He is an operator trainer in Cairo, Egypt. The country’s megaprojects have created a crying need for skilled operators.

To be an excavator operator has become Ibrahim Mohamed’s life. He lives at the construction sites one month at the time, spending time away from his family. For him, the job is worth it.

Pyramids in the background of Cairo

The Megaproject Listing

#7 Egypt’s new wonder

The pyramids, the Sphinx and the Suez Canal – Egypt has the world’s most convincing cases of megaprojects. Now, a new marvel is added to the list – a brand new capital, the biggest purpose-built city in human history.

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“Look at this place, one would think we have worked here for 30 years”. Watch operator Ibrahim Mohamed when working on the construction of Egypt’s new capital.

Cairo is one of the world’s most iconic cities. But the magic comes with a cost - severe congestion. Will the new capital wipe away Cairo’s traffic jams and give Egypt a greener future?