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Building Tomorrow - Safety in focus in China
After careful consideration due to the corona virus pandemic, Volvo CE China sent a team with engineers to Cambodia to help a customer with an excavator problem.

Supporting those in need during the pandemic

Safety in focus in China

The Building Tomorrow Project

Every country and company have had its own approach dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In China, Volvo CE has worked hard to support not only customers and employees – but the society as a whole.

In early February, a dealer in Cambodia reported that an EC350D excavator on the construction site of a project within the Belt and Road Initiative had failed. They are currently utilizing around 50 Volvo CE machines.

“The excavator emitted black smoke and the engine alarm could not be turned off, so the dealer sought technical support from us at the Volvo CE China Aftermarket Department,” says Yadong Wang, VP Aftermarket Management.

Normally, solving excavator issues would be nothing out of the ordinary, but in the midst of the global covid-19 pandemic, the challenges were a bit different. Adding to the extraordinary circumstances, this also took place in during the Chinese New Year holiday. Still, Volvo CE organized an emergency team of technical experts, ready to aid frontline engineers remotely. However, after troubleshooting together with local expertise, the problem remained unsolved.

“After careful consideration, we decided that, based on the promise of ensuring safety of the employees, the after-service department would send an engineer to solve the client’s problems. It turned out to be a successful approach. The excavator issue was fixed within a few days,” says Yadong Wang.

Building Tomorrow - Safety in Focus
The excavator problem in Cambodia was solved on-site.

Another very vivid illustration of the continuous dealer and customer support comes from nothing less than Wuhan. Customers from this infamous city had an urgent request for an, now more than ever, important health care project construction. Volvo CE cooperated with the dealer from Wuhan and delivered an EC380DL to the dealer of the construction project.

Assistance to customers is just one part of the special support that has been carried out during the last few months. Providing important aid to the society is also something that has been prioritized.

Donating to those in need

In mid-February, the Chinese society was in the midst of fighting both the pandemic and the financial consequences for a lot of people. Besides the company donation from Volvo Group, Volvo CE decided to try to engage its employees in China to raise funds online. The initiative was started by Volvo Group China. All the contributions were anonymous, and the result was impressive. During the course of just one week, thousands of dollars were donated. The contributions were handed over to China Youth Development Foundation.

“The funds were used to purchase pandemic prevention supplies, and to support families of infected medical staff, sick relatives, and financially disadvantaged youth,” says Inge Zhou, VP Corporate Communication Volvo Group China.

To face the global shortage of medical supplies, Volvo CE also received masks donations from the local government to support Volvo sites globally. In addition, Volvo CE Jinan Technology Center, together with IPS (Volvo CE’s purchasing and supply organization) purchased and sent masks globally, not only to Volvo sites, but to medical centers with a high demand for medical supplies.

Employee safety

Like for so many other workers across the world, the Volvo CE factories and offices were partly shut down during the most intense period of the pandemic. When re-opening the premises in China, the employees quickly contributed to a continuous safe working environment. Co-workers volunteered in assisting in things like temperature monitoring, regular inspections of facilities and promoting knowledge about the virus.

Besides the important volunteering, Volvo CE had its emergency team up and running promptly when the virus and the pandemic turned out to be a fact. Small, but very important things like how to wear a mask properly was highlighted. Information about rules in all offices and factories were sent out in different channels, like in WeChat, emails and via Skype. Also, office and factory management decided to offer the opportunity to work from home for those who wanted and had the possibility to do so.

“All in all, we believe in persisting in keeping everybody; customers, dealers, and employees safe. As for the society as a whole, we want to contribute with the means we can. Hopefully we can look back at this period soon, and rest assure in the fact that we all did our absolute best,” says David Chen, VP Volvo CE Region China Sales.

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