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Electric construction equipment has the power to transform the way you work. With the benefit of zero emissions, high performance and low noise, electric machines are the perfect partner to make any construction project more sustainable. Switching one construction machine to electric is a good start towards fossil free construction sites. Our industry-leading electric machinery and chargers comes in a variety of sizes and is proven to deliver full powered operation across different applications, from urban construction and demolition through to landscaping and agriculture.

We offer a versatile range of battery electric construction machines fitted with powerful lithium-ion batteries through to different charging options to suit even the most demanding of working conditions. From electric compact excavators and loaders to larger electric construction vehicles, we are ensuring optimum uptime and productivity with reliable electric power systems. Our silent, zero-emission construction vehicles are not just good for the environment. They are good for business too. That is because you can now work in places where diesel cannot: in low carbon zones, sensitive environments, indoors or in urban environments during the night. They not only reduce CO2 emissions, but require less maintenance and lower operating costs than the traditional alternatives. We enable the decarbonization transformation with our leading technology. But we cannot do this alone. We continue to work with our suppliers and customers to do what we can to accelerate this transition. What is more, we are reliant on governments and municipalities to set the demands for fossil free innovations like ours to be included in tenders. As the desired partner for fossil free electric construction sites, we work together with all the players across the supply chain to ensure an holistic electric ecosystem. This comes not just from the electric power systems we make but through reliable charging infrastructure and the setting of strong legislation and regulations to support their implementation. The result is zero-emission construction that gets the job done in the must sustainable, efficient and peaceful way possible. Through this pioneering type of partnership, we will set industry standards towards emission-free construction, together. The industry needs to build better. Our electric power is the obvious choice.

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