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New animated videos hit social media to promote 20-ton excavator range

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has launched an eye-catching range of animated videos that showcase the multiple excavators and compelling advantages the company offers to customers in the popular 20-ton segment. The videos effectively illustrate the distinct advantages of each excavator model, empowering customers to make decisions tailored to their needs for enhanced job site performance. They are live on the company’s YouTube channel here and have been shared across its regional social media channels.

Meet the Machines

There are five videos in the series, covering the full range of options from Volvo CE in the 20-ton category. These include the fast and effective EC200D, the versatile EC210D and the powerful EC220D. Three videos will highlight the key selling features of each 20-ton excavator, while two videos will showcase the new options available for the EC200D.

Here are the videos:

- The New Larger 1m3 Bucket for EC200D shows the impact the EC200D's enhanced bucket size has on productivity.

- The Capability of EC200D with Breaker Application highlights the adaptability of the EC200D to effortlessly switch from digging to breaking tasks.

- Faster Cycle Times of EC200D lays out how the EC200D can save valuable time on projects.

- The Versatility of the EC210D demonstrates how the EC210D excels in different job requirements.

- The Power of the EC220D showcases the machine’s raw power in all its glory, allowing owners to conquer challenging projects and do more.


Ghislain Faure, Manager, Content & Dealer Marketing at Volvo CE, said:

“Animation is a great way to tell a story, especially online and across social media. The videos are both eye-catching and powerful! We can’t wait to hear the thoughts of our followers and fans on social media.”

While the campaign’s initial focus is on Southeast Asia, its global reach will ensure that audiences worldwide can immerse themselves in the animated storytelling.