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Genuine Volvo wear parts

Volvo offers a full range of genuine wear parts, developed and tested to ensure that they live up to your highest expectations for all applications. To keep your machine in prime condition, Volvo offers parts to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible.

Choose from wear parts such as undercarriage parts, Volvo hoses or Volvo Tooth System to keep your machine running like new. These parts have been subjected to the toughest tests to be able to withstand extreme stresses. Our design and choice of material guarantees superior performance.

Customer Solutions

An overview of the products and services we offer to support your business throughout your ownership – helping you stay profitable year after year.

Volvo tooth system

make it last

Volvo Tooth System gives you optimized long change intervals, high productivity and profitability.

Volvo offers specialized patented teeth and adapters for all types of applications. High quality parts lower your total cost of ownership and maximize the performance of your machine.

Easy to fit
The vertical locking device makes mounting and removing fast and easy. It is completely integrated in the adapter body for protection and longer service life.

Volvo teeth withstand high stress levels
A perfect fit between the tooth and adapter, together with large stabilizing surfaces, provides a very strong unit to withstand high levels of force and stress.

The self-sharpening design and strategically placed wear material give maximum wear life, with maintained performance.

Resistant to forces
The edge of the adapters and teeth have an acute angle that gives perfect resistance to frontal forces and reduces the risk of “tooth box” opening.

Genuine Volvo undercarriage parts

Living up to your highest expectations

Volvo’s full range of undercarriage parts are developed and tested to ensure the highest standard of quality and performance.

Pushed to the limit
The undercarriage parts are subjected to extensive testing to be able to withstand extreme consistent stresses.

Designed specifically for Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo undercarriage parts give you a safe and effective operation, a long productive service life and low operating costs.

Volvo Rubber Tracks

  • Developed in conjunction with Volvo construction machines
  • Meet the highest standards of safety and quality

Volvo Undercarriage Parts

Find out the results of extreme testing of Volvo Track Chains and Bottom Rollers! Volvo Undercarriage Parts deliver the quality and durability you can rely on.

Volvo Rubber Pad bolt-on

Increase your versatility

The Volvo Rubber pad bolt-on system for tracked excavators is the perfect solution for increasing machine versatility. The cost effective design allows you to easily switch between on and off-road locations without causing surface damage.

Switch between on and off-road jobs and benefit from two machines in one. The rubber pads provide full ground surface protection and are easily removed when full traction is needed.

High durability
Made from a robust rubber blend to reduce wear, the pad incorporates a steel plate with a durable rubber exterior and a rubber cushion which helps to decrease vibration and noise.

The rubber pad system is available both as a factory-fit option and through the Volvo dealer network. The aftermarket kit provides both the pad and track shoe.

Cost efficiency
Replacing single rubber pads as and when is necessary is a cost efficient and easy way to maintain an excavator’s track system.

Download the flyer (PDF, 277KB)

Volvo Hose Service

The hose you need 

High quality hydraulic hoses are available right away from your Volvo dealer. This service ensures optimal hose performance and helps minimize machine downtime.

Quick, reliable and cost-effective
Volvo dealers are fully equipped to assemble hoses in their workshop, on site. Only Genuine Volvo parts are used to to ensure a precise fit and optimal performance. We also go beyond the demands of industry standards so that our hoses offer higher pressure, better flexibility and longer life.

  • Only Volvo has access to the exact specifications of our hoses. Therefore you don’t have to take measurements or bring in your old hose. Your Volvo dealer knows exactly what is required for the hose you need.  
  • Contamination in your hydraulic system can damage valves, pumps and other components. Every Volvo hose is subjected to an advanced cleaning process, and caps are used to prevent contamination during transport.

Volvo Expander Bolts

A solution for wear 

The perfect solution when wear in your construction equipment causes play in the attaching points and the holes are worn.

A permanent solution for an economic and long-lasting life
When your machine starts to show signs of wear, Volvo expander bolts are the perfect solution.

Fast and easy installation (often on site)
Volvo expander bolts feature two expanding sleeves that fill the gap and connect the attaching eyes.

With Volvo expander bolts no reconditioning or machine reworking is needed.

Available for a wide range of products.

Every part is vital!

The better the quality of your components, the more you get from your Volvo machine. Every part is vital for uptime and performance. So why take a risk?

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