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Compact assist

Powered by Volvo Co-Pilot – the market-leading 10” touchscreen monitor – Compact Assist gives you access to a selection of work enhancing tools, which can help to boost the efficiency and profitability of your Volvo Soil and Asphalt Compactors.

Make light work of heavy-duty jobs

Get the job done right in less time and with less effort, thanks to Compact Assist. The family of user-friendly tools has been developed to facilitate a more successful compaction process, by providing the operator with clear information on the task at hand. Using this powerful operational insight, operators can say goodbye to guess work and confidently monitor the progress of their work.

Volvo Compact Assist

Compact assist for asphalt

Key tools for asphalt compactors

Pass mapping​

Know where you've been, and where you need to go​
Just a quick glance at the pass mapping screen gives operators a clear view of their stop points and overlaps. Pass mapping guides operators through a uniform rolling pattern, without over or under compaction, so they can quickly and efficiently make adjustments to ensure they never miss a spot.​

Temperature mapping​

Too hot to handle, too cold to roll​
Ensure compaction is completed at the optimum pavement temperature. A color-coded map of surface temperatures and the ability to set the maximum/minimum range enables the operator to easily avoid rolling with a mix temperature that is too hot or too cold.​

Density direct​

Know you’ve done the job right​
​Accurately measure the quality of the pavement while you work, with Density Direct. Volvo’s patented solution provides a real-time estimate of the material density percentage and maps the entire job.

Setup for success

Take your first steps towards improving the quality of your work with the Compact Assist Start package. Start utilizes straightforward tools to take the guesswork out of roller operations, and with no setup required, you can be up and running in minutes. When you are ready to move to the next level, the system can be easily upgraded to the Compact Assist or Density Direct packages, letting you track data across the jobsite and measure density in real time.​

  Compact Assist Start NEW! Compact Assist Density Direct
  Track your work Accuracy and reporting Clear measurements
Pass Mapping x x x
Temperature Mapping x x x
Density Mapping*

Stiffness Mapping (CMV)**

GPS Antenna (High Accuracy)
x x
Job data recorded and saved
x x
Automatic job report creation
x x
USB and Over-the-air download
x x
 *Density Mapping requires a calibration process in order to align the system with density measurements.
** Stiffness value is not calibrated


Compact assist for soil

Key tools for soil compactors

Pass mapping

Map your progress​
Visualize the whole job and keep track of where you have compacted. With Pass Mapping, you can easily see where you have already been and where compaction is still required, saving time and preventing unnecessary rework – ideal when working across vast jobsites.​

Stiffness mapping

See beneath the surface​
One of the challenges of soil compaction is that it can be difficult to visually identify when a job is complete. Stiffness Mapping enables the operator to ensure that a compaction project has been correctly completed across the jobsite, as well as detect any buried infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.​

Ease of use

Compact Assist, powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot, makes your life easier. Simply tap, zoom and select – just as you would on your mobile tablet or smartphone – to switch screens and review the job in progress.

A clear view of the job

The intuitive system is designed with simplicity in mind, giving you a clear snapshot of the job and letting you smoothly move between screens with a single tap.

Set your own limits

Quickly set up your pass target and working temperature zone, keeping you working in the right range for optimum results.

Reporting on demand

Compatible with VETA, Compact Assist provides extensive detail of the performance of the roller without the need for any post processing. Job data is automatically backed up and can be easily exported wirelessly or by using a USB-stick. You can also generate ready-made PDF reports and CSV data files for further analysis.

Volvo Compact Assist
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