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Oil analysis

A well-oiled operation

Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis is a remarkably effective way of diagnosing potential problems in your machine – much like a blood test does in humans. A sample of oil is taken from your machine and sent to a specialist Volvo laboratory, where it is analyzed for a wide range of trace elements, so that a diagnosis can be made.

Oil Analysis can be used very effectively on engines, axles, transmissions, drop boxes and hydraulics; but the same processes also work with coolant and fuel.

Acting on a diagnosis will allow you to plan for a minor repair to the machine now rather than risk an unexpected major repair later. 

How does it work?


The necessary samples are taken, and sent to one of the specialist Volvo laboratories.


Using state-of-the art, advanced diagnostic equipment, our specialists analyze the samples and collect a vast amount of information from which they are able to draw conclusions about the health of your machine and the hidden state of its components.


A thorough diagnosis is made available to you immediately online. The diagnosis also includes recommendations for action.

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