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Productivity Services

You may already have an efficient operation. But even so, there are still ways to increase productivity in a big way.

It’s all about paying attention to detail. Our productivity services include everything you need to start. From operator simulators and smart assist solutions, to machine configuration and training. It’s time to start doing more. And earning more. 

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Improve and optimize your load out process by digitalizing the entire flow - from load order to load ticket.

Experience complete jobsite visibility from your machine and in the office.

Unlock the full potential of your machine´s productivity.

Maximising productivity by ensuring optimal accuracy and uptime of your operation.

Get the most out of your machine and optimize your operation with Haul Assist.

Gives you the key to unlock first-class paving results.

An affordable and compact solution to operator training.

Monitor load efficiency, number of cycles and overload percentages.

Blue, silver or gold?

Our packages are designed according to the level of support you need from Volvo. Whether you like us to do it for you, with you, or even do it yourself.


  • CareTrack Production

  • Dig Assist
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