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Fuel report

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Gain invaluable insight into your machine's efficiency with Fuel Efficiency Report, designed to lower your operating costs and maximize your profitability. Operate at maximum capacity and make sure your machines are functioning efficiently.

Why choose Fuel Efficiency Report?

Take action

Identify any inefficiency with Fuel Efficiency Report, structured to help you reduce the industry’s number one operational cost factor: fuel. Armed with knowledge and clear insights into your fleet, site or individual machine, the report makes it easy for you to take the necessary steps to improve efficiency.

Ready-made analysis

Save time and money with the user-friendly report, presented to you in a simple format, eliminating the need to sift through complicated data. Stay informed about your machine’s fuel consumption, percentage of utilization and excessive idling to ensure a more efficient operation.

Meet your objectives

Find out if your machines are idling too much or causing unnecessary fuel expenses. You can make sure you’re on track to meet your objectives. Simply customize the report with up to eight objectives of your choice. You can also include the price you’re paying for a liter of fuel to predict potential costs and savings.

How does it work?
  • You, together with your dealer, set the structure of the report according to your organization’s framework and specific areas of interest.
  • Machine data points are captured via CareTrack®.
  • Volvo system automatically compiles the information into an easy-to-read pdf report, sent to your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis. Data is also available in excel and csv format should you wish to perform further analysis.
More to offer

You’re clear on the benefits, but need some guidance putting ideas into practice? Get support from your local Volvo dealer to develop a plan to increase efficiency on the long run.

To find more reports, check out our portfolio! For example, should you be interested in a snapshot of key information related to the health, fuel-efficiency and productivity of your fleet, consider our Summary Report.

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