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Transtone revolutionizes quarry operations with Connected Map and Performance Indicator

Witness firsthand how Transtone SA, a valued customer based in Belgium, has transformed their operations with Volvo CE's productivity services Connected Map and Performance Indicator.

Since 2004, Olivier Scutenaire and Dominique Lesage have managed Transtone SA, a company responsible for loading and transporting rock from the quarry face to the crusher. With Connected Map and Performance Indicator from Volvo CE they have transformed their operations, optimized efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced safety on-site.

Olivier Scutenaire, General Manager, highlights the remarkable improvements in efficiency, fuel consumption, and safety that Volvo CE's services have brought to Transtone SA. He emphasizes how the services have facilitated a smoother flow of traffic, leading to enhanced production. With reduced idling times, there's a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption, significantly optimizing their operations. 

The result is a better flow of traffic, and therefore of production. This has been a game changer, because the number of idlings decreases, which consequently also reduces the idling time and fuel consumption.

Olivier Scutenaire

General Manager at Transtone SA

For operator Jean-Claude Danheux, there are many advantages to Connected Map and he emphasizes the safety benefits of being able to monitor the position and speed of colleagues on site. This feature not only enhances safety but also fosters a stress-free driving experience, contributing to increased productivity. 

With Connected Map and Performance Indicator the customer remotely controls all on-site activities, gaining valuable information on speed, fuel consumption, hauling cycles, and tons loaded per hour. “All this information is very valuable to me“, says Olivier Scutenaire. 

Instant Insights for fact-based decisions 

With these services, users can effortlessly gain insights and remotely control on-site activities from any device, tablets, phones, or computers. This accessibility empowers users like Olivier Scutenaire to make informed decisions based on real-time insights, improving overall operational efficiency.

Key features

  • Real-time insights for better decision-making
  • Remote control of on-site activities from any device
  • Reduction in idling times leading to decreased fuel consumption
  • Improved operator safety with alerts and stress-free driving experiences
Connected Map

Connected Map offers real-time visual site oversight, accessible via Volvo Co-Pilot or mobile devices. It enhances productivity by optimizing traffic flow, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Features include machine traceability, predefined zones and points of interest. Suitable for Volvo and non-Volvo machines, Connected Map ensures safer, more efficient operations for all site personnel.

Performance Indicator

Performance indicator helps you manage your jobsite for increased efficiency and safety. It provides a real-time, visual overview of the site performance indicators for site management, allowing on the fly adjustments and data analysis. Performance Indicator puts critical insights at your fingertips and ensures that you stay informed and in control.

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