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Volvo introduces the high-tech xcavator ec380el in chile

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This is the most advanced model of the brand, which is already sold in the European and U.S. markets. Chile is the first country in Latin America to receive the version since it is always seeking cutting-edge technologies, mainly because of the advanced local mining sector.

According to Rafael Nieweglowski, Volvo Construction Equipment's commercial director for the Chilean region, "the country has a great demand for innovation and is at the forefront in the adoption of new technologies. It is a very mature market," he claims.

In the case study to introduce the EC380EL Chile, Volvo considered the key points known as triple zero: zero unscheduled downtime, zero accidents and zero emissions. "This is ideal for the future and a strategic part of new product development and innovation. The EC380EL meets these requirements for our market," explains Jorge Ríos, sales manager of SKC, Volvo CE's dealer in Chile.

Another factor is the Chilean government's decision to apply an even more advanced emissions law. "The law should be passed before 2023 as part of the country's project to contribute to the climate agreements. It will be compulsory for all machines to have Tier 4, a less polluting engine such as the one the EC380EL already has," says Nieweglowski.

Market consistency

The EC380EL's market supports mining, construction, and heavy infrastructure. Mining is the most important segment of the Chilean economy.

The excavator is in the 33- and 40-ton range. "We will engage in business operations with more competitiveness, having as a differential the high technology of the model. Chile is a great market for Volvo CE. We maintain a constant market share in the machinery and construction equipment sector of 12.5% in the country, according to 2020 data," says Nieweglowski.

Dig Assist

The EC380EL has more embedded technology, such as DIG Assist, one of the excavator's major innovations. It is a system that helps the operator to dig with precision. Intuitive, it offers a three-dimensional view of the machine's movements in real time. It allows full synchronism between the bucket and the high-resolution display. The intelligent system eliminates the need to check digging depth and increases productivity by up to 50%.

If the operator needs to excavate a channel 3 meters wide and 3 meters deep, he only has to enter the information and the machine reports the excavation with pinpoint accuracy. This helps make the operation more assertive and productive avoiding rework.

DIG Assist is another device in Co-Pilot, the intelligent assistance system for Volvo machine operations that offers several functionalities, or applications. It is a co-pilot in the cab that guides the operator and improves operation management.

Other improvements

The EC380EL also features structural improvements. It has a new cab with more comfort and visibility, a new LCD panel with more functions and integrated radio. The hydraulic system is more efficient and therefore offers high productivity and lower fuel consumption. In addition, it has a new reinforced structure and high quality welds, ensuring a longer service life.