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Large Wheel LoadersL120H

  • 2.5 - 4.8
  • 19,000 - 21,600 kg
  • 12,460 kg

The upgraded L120H may boast the same striking design as its predecessor, but this machine received the latest innovative technology. Ready to tackle... Read more

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The upgraded L120H may boast the same striking design as its predecessor, but this machine received the latest innovative technology. Ready to tackle a range of applications, it still enjoys all benefits that has made the wheel loader so popular since 2014. Always productive and built with the convenience of operators and technicians alike, the latest package of upgrades makes the Volvo even more so.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

Static tipping load at full turn 12,460 kg
Bucket capacity 2.5 - 4.8
Log grapples 1.3 - 2.4
Operating weight 19,000 - 21,600 kg
Breakout force 174 kN
Engine Volvo D8J
Max power at 1,500 rpm
...ISO 14396 gross 203 kW
...ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net 203 kW
Max torque at 1,350 rpm
...ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net 1,330 Nm
Tires 23.5 R25, 750/65 R25

Based on machine configuration: Based on 3.3 m³ / 4.3 yd³ STE H T bucket.

Image illustration only. Production machines may differ in appearance and features vary between markets and models.

Up to 20% greater fuel efficiency

Up to 20% greater fuel efficiency

Do more with less fuel, the H-series machine updates offer up to 20% greater fuel efficiency than the G-series. Contributing to the increase is the powerful engine, second generation OptiShift – which can be optionally integrated – attachment optimization and the new dry P-Brake, which eliminates drag losses.
Load Assist

Load Assist

Optimize load cycles and boost your profits with the Load Assist suite of apps, accessed from the 12” Volvo Co-Pilot display and designed to help you get the most from your Volvo Wheel Loader.​
Torque Parallel linkage

Torque Parallel linkage

For strength in demanding applications, Volvo’s unique Torque Parallel (TP) linkage provides high breakout torque and ultimate parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range. The linkage offers stability during loading and carrying and allows easy filling of the buckets. For long lasting performance, the lifting arm has double sealing on each of the pins.
The operator’s choice

The operator’s choice

Operate in comfort from the best cab on the market, the Volvo cab can be equipped with a new adjustable seat. Access the cab safely and effortlessly using the steps and open the door with ease, thanks to the optional remote-control opener.
Industry leading serviceability

Industry leading serviceability

For simple serviceability, the engine hood is operated electronically. Stay one step ahead and check the condition of your brakes using the brake wear indicators, placed on the wheels. To prevent dirt and moisture from entering components, each has replaceable breather filters, located remotely.


The H-series machine updates offer up to 5% greater productivity than the G-series. For ultimate stability and high efficiency, the L110H and L120H have been upgraded with a new transmission, which works in harmony with the engine and axels. The new converter delivers increased torque output, resulting in better performance at low speeds. For faster acceleration and smooth operation, the steps between gears have been reduced.

Only with Volvo attachments do you get what you wanted when you bought a Volvo in the first place – maximum productivity and uptime. Volvo develops and offers a wide range of attachments which brings you unmatched flexibility and versatility, making it easy for you to develop job opportunities and to get the job done with increased productivity. Displayed attachments may not be available in all markets. Consult your dealer for specific availability.