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Loader Buckets

A wide range of Loader buckets to be used in a large variety of soil conditions and for all rehandling, load & carry, leveling or tunneling jobs.

Rehandling Flat Floor bucket

The best choice for handling, stockpiling and loading processed material, such as sand, gravel and aggregate. Optimized for soft underfoot conditions. Maximize traction and break-out force, while maintaining a clean and level work area for unbeatable productivity and efficiency. Available with optional bolt-on edge.

Available for: L120F, L150H, L180H, L220H, L250H, L260H


Sand bucket

Optimized for handling sand or aggregate in small fractions, making it the ideal choice for soft underfoot conditions. The long bucket floor maximizes penetration for improved traction and its flat design helps to maintain a clean and level work area. Available with optional bolt-on edge.

Available for: L150H, L180H, L220H, L250H, L260H


General purpose bucket - Heavy duty

The best choice for all-round efficiency. The bucket is primarily intended for use in low-impact operations, with moderately abrasive materials such as dirt, loam, gravel, and clay. Reflective stickers boost visibility for quick and easy filling. Reinforced with wear resistant steel HB400 and HB500. Can be equipped with bolt-on edges, welded teeth options and segments.

Available for: L120F, L150H, L180H, L220H, L250H, L260H, L350F, L350H, L90F


Rock bucket - Spade Nose

The best choice for breaking-out hard and stony material and shot rock. Recommended to be fitted with 1 1/2 leg adapters, teeth (GP or AM) and segments. For gravel, fine shot rock and ore, it can be fitted with a bolt-on edge or teeth.

Available for: L220H, L260H, L350F, L350H


Rock bucket - Straight edge

Heavy-duty, wear resistant bucket. Optimized for loading shot rock or easily broken material from a bank with high break-out capability. When fitted with welded teeth options and segments, it is the best choice for loading easily broken material from a bank.

Available for: L260H, L350F, L350H


Side dump Rock bucket

Side dump rock buckets are designed for rock loading in tight locations like tunnels. The design makes it possible to load parallel with the truck by dumping the bucket sideways. This way of loading requires less space and is frequently used in tunnelling applications. The bucket is normally equipped with abrasive material rock teeth, 1 1/2 leg adapters and casted segments but can also be equipped with a bolt-on edge.

Available for: L250H, L260H


Light material bucket - Low density

High capacity light material bucket for efficient handling of low density material such as compost, refuse, coal etc.

Available for: L150H, L180H, L220H



The attachment design may vary depending on machine model.

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