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Crawler Excavators – Volvo

The three first Volvo hydraulic excavators were introduced at the Intermat exhibition in 1997 – EC280, EC340 and EC390. They were soon followed by both smaller and bigger models as well as wheeled ones. These were all built in the Eslöv plant.

In 1999 a new generation of excavators saw the light of day. The two first models in this generation were the EC210 and EC240 and they were built in the Changwon plant in South Korea.

The following generation of excavators came in 2001, the B-series excavators.In 2007 the new C-series excavators were launched.

The updated B-series Prime version excavators came in 2009.

In 2011 the first three models of the D-series, EC340D, EC380D and EC480D, were launched. Later the same year and in 2012 the D-series was growing with more models.

The first E-series model, EC380E, was launched in 2014 soon followed by additional models.

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