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Volvo BM EL70

The Volvo BM EL70 did the work of both excavator and loader. Thanks to the hydraulic bracket, the EL70 could switch tasks in a matter of seconds. The EL70 was easily maneuvered even at low engine speeds. The EL70 combined brute strength with hig-tech precision. The cab had very good visibility, high comfort and safety.

Production year 1992-1995

EL70 1993 specifications
Engine Volvo TD 45B
Engine output (SAE), hp 114
Bucket volume, excav., l 90–540
Excavation depth, mm 5 640
Reach, mm 7 320
Bucket volume loader, m3 1,5–3,5
Tires front 18.4-30/14
Tires rear 18.4-30/14
No. of driven wheels 4
Operating weight, kg 10 600–13 500
Production year 1992–1995