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On-Board Weighing​

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On-Board Weighing​

Introducing On-Board Weighing, part of the suite of Dig Assist tools and powered by Volvo-Co-Pilot. The dynamic load weighing system provides real-time insight into the bucket’s load, to help you hit your target every time.

Loading made easy
Get a clear indication of the loading progress through the simple yet powerful interface.


Load optimization
Prevent overloading and underloading, ensuring each truck is road legal and filled to its full capacity.


Hit your targets
Calculate the weight of each bucket load and set targets including a trip counter load target or desired target load for a truck.


Accuracy every time
Achieve optimum accuracy and outstanding loading results with functions including load tare, unlock of current load and disregarding of the last bucket load added.


In the zone
The load area selector lets operators specify the position of the loading area, helping to prevent missed or incorrectly added bucket loads.


Printer support
It is now possible to print and upload truck loading receipts direct from the cab, thanks to the USB port on the Volvo Co-Pilot display.


More to offer
On-Board Weighing can be used together with a number of Productivity Services, such as Connected Map, Performance Indicator, Task Manager and Efficient Load Out. 
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Coming soon: On-Board Weighing advanced

Take On-Board Weighing to the next level with On-Board Weighing Advanced. The enhanced solution comes with additional functions perfect for truck loading applications.

Keep order
Create a work order based on a customer, project or task and easily select between work orders from a sorted list. You can set a target for each work order and visualize your progress accordingly.

Manage materials
Create a list of different materials according to material type, contamination classification or other user preferences. Easily select the material being loaded from the pre-set list.

Set your target
Set pre-defined targets for commonly used trucks and trailers. Once configured, the pre-set trucks can be easily selected from a sorted list, helping you keep track of multiple jobs, all day long.

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