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We have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and understand that in a rapidly changing world you need the best to stay ahead of the curve. Our latest models are more than construction equipment. They are your strategy to lower cost of ownership. The ticket to boosting productivity. Your key to unlocking new business opportunities. Discover our newest and upcoming premium machines for ever-evolving industries. It's time for change.


EC500 large crawler excavator

One of Volvo’s most popular machines made bigger. The powerful EC500 now boasts up to 15% in improved fuel efficiency which will help you lower your total cost of ownership. Improved service points and longer maintenance intervals will increase your up-time.

Launched in Q2, 2024

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EC400 large crawler excavator

Thanks to a strong and robust undercarriage the EC400 can handle the toughest conditions. Improved fuel efficiency and easier to service, with a comfortable modern cab, it is a machine that meets the requirements of anyone from owner to operator. 

Launched in Q2, 2024

Get to know the EC400 excavator

EC230 medium crawler excavator

With its cutting-edge technology, outstanding efficiency and robust design, the EC230 effortlessly handles heavy loads, tackles tough terrain, and ensures exceptional productivity across a wide range of tasks and applications.

Launched in Q2, 2024

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EC210 medium crawler excavator

Lightweight and strong, the EC210 is perfect for those important supporting jobs. Ideal for building, road, or utility work. Improved fuel efficiency and longer service intervals will lower your operating costs while this machine punches above its weight in performance.

Launched in Q2, 2024

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ECR145 medium crawler excavator

Pushing the edge of efficiency, ECR145 redefines what is possible for a short swing radius machine. With greater comfort, performance and up to 11% increase in lifting capacity this compact powerhouse delivers optimum results in short swing applications.

Launched in Q2, 2024

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Time for change - Discover our new machine range
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ECR40 compact excavator

Enjoy superior stability, outstanding comfort and increased productivity with the ECR40 compact excavator. A versatile high-performer that boasts an intuitive navigation system and proportional fingertip controls, making it smooth and easy to operate. 

Launched in Q4, 2023

EC37 compact excavator

Boasting smooth operation and easy servicing, as well as spaciousness and comfort thanks to a new modern cab. The EC37 compact excavator is set to deliver high breakout force and lifting capabilities across a multitude of tasks.

Launched in Q4, 2023

Electric machines and charging solutions

EWR150 Electric wheeled excavator

EWR150 Electric is a wheeled excavator which delivers the same performance as the conventional EWR150 in terms of reach, lifting capacity, traction force and speed. But with zero emission and low noise levels it can be used on sites not available for conventional machines. 

Coming in Q3, 2025 - selected markets in Europe

L120 Electric large wheel loader

The L120 Electric wheel loader meets the performance of its diesel equivalent. But you will enjoy the added benefit of zero exhaust emissions, quiet operation, plus a reduction in energy and maintenance costs.

Coming in Q3, 2024 - selected markets in Europe

L90 Electric wheel loader

The L90 Electric offers the same performance as the conventional equivalent in terms of tip load, tractive effort and top speed. Designed to the same tough performance targets as the L90H, it can do everything you have come to expect - all you have to do is charge.

Coming in Q1, 2025 - selected markets in Europe

EW240 Electric material handler

The EW240 Electric is tailor-made for waste and recycling applications. With no need to refuel and recharge, this grid connected electric material handler is designed for round-the-clock productivity. 

Launched in Q1, 2024

PU500 power unit for charging large machines

This mobile power unit with an large integrated battery is easy to move and place wherever you need electricity and charging for heavy machinery. The PU500 brings power to sites with weak or no local grid, increasing your up-time and flexibility. 

Launched in Q4, 2023

PU40 power unit for charging compact machines

Volvo PU40 is a small mobile power unit suitable to charge compact electric machines while off the grid. It can be used in the same way as a power bank for mobile phones, i.e. you charge PU40 from the grid where possible and use it to charge machines when there is no grid power available.

Coming in Q3, 2024 - selected markets in Europe

Time for change - Discover our new machine range

Wheel loaders

L120H large wheel loader

Always productive and built with the convenience of operators and technicians alike, the latest package of upgrades makes the L120H wheel loader even more so. The new Volvo engine regenerates while working and offers extended service intervals to 1,000 hours.

Launched in Q2, 2024

Explore the L120H wheel loader

L110H large wheel loader

This versatile 20-ton wheel loader has undergone a host of upgrades, including new engine and electronics. L110H has also been given several maintenance-friendly features, ensuring increased performance and uptime to further boost your productivity.

Launched in Q2, 2024

Find out more about the L110H wheel loader

L35 compact wheel loader

For fast loading in tight corners, look no further than the flexible and comfortable L35 compact wheel loader. Unrivalled rim pull, breakout and lifting forces, best-in-class visibility and exclusive options all add up to productive work shifts.

Launched in Q2, 2024

Get to know the L35 wheel loader

L30 compact wheel loader

Leading the way with an outstanding operator experience, the L30 compact wheel loader delivers all the power you can expect from larger machines. Easy cab access, intuitive controls and a range of uptime-boosting features combine to set the standard for construction efficiency. 

Launched in Q2, 2024

Read the full specs of the L30 wheel loader
Time for change - Discover our new machine range

Rigid haulers

R70 rigid hauler

Maximizing tons of material moved per hour is a core tenet of the design of the R70 rigid hauler. The high drive axle multiplication ensures maximum traction, while the already efficient high-torque engine cuts fuel consumption thanks to the selectable Eco mode. Upgraded with a stage V engine. 

Coming in Q1, 2025 - selected markets in Europe

R60 rigid hauler

Designed for productivity, the new R60 rigid hauler delivers maximum load retention, while minimal material carry-back post dumping. Enjoy a speedy dumping process thanks to a fast-tip system and boost fuel efficiency with the selectable Eco mode. Upgraded with a stage V engine. 

Coming in Q3, 2024 - selected markets in Europe

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Newly updated, CareTrack helps you improve your construction vehicles' productivity and efficiency. Its easy-to-use web interface provides an overview of your entire connected fleet, including data on machine location, battery or fuel levels, operating hours, and more. Insights that can help you grow your business.

Launched in Q2, 2024

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My Equipment app

Easily monitor and manage your connected Volvo machines with the new My Equipment app. Through the app, machine operators can get real-time insights on machine hours, location, and charging status directly on their smartphones.

Launched in Q2, 2024

Explore the My Equipment app

Please note that launch dates are subject to change and not all offers are available in all countries. For more information contact your local dealer or send us a message below.